The Philosophy of Breast Augmentation (vlog)

This is a fun, if polarizing and controversial, discussion on the philosophy of breast augmentation. My wife is in the video in spirit only, having inspired my interest in thinking about this subject more seriously. She is of course the person I was able to observe through this process. I would have included her in […]

A Female President

It’s common today to say that gender roles have dissipated over time. What is rarely discussed is why. At best you will normally receive an empty bromide such as “Well they were just tradition, and now we are liberated to try new things.” This however is a sort of straw man position, that assumes ‘traditional’ gender roles were […]

Stop Chasing Women Video Blog

  Thanks in part to Caleb Wojcik I’ve started a new series of video blogs. Caleb’s advice helped me select, create, light, stage the background, audio record, and film. I can’t say I’m following his tips perfectly, but there’s no question that his ideas have helped immensely with my video blogging setup. For those curious, […]

The Avengers of Exercise

21 Studios presents The Avengers of Exercise: Age of Reason, now playing in your home and mobile device theater! Okay so to be honest, I’m more of a Captain America: The Winter Solider fan myself, but I couldn’t resist the play on the title of the latest Avengers movie. As it turns out, the reality […]

Think Crazy

In the Think different campaign, Steve Jobs said, … the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do. What he didn’t say was why. Why is it that the people who move the world are often seen as “crazy”, or even see themselves as crazy? The […]