21C Updates

Some quick updates with The 21 Convention.

Above is a short photo trailer I made using Animoto, highlighting the 2014 event speakers. You could call it a slideshow, but photo trailer sounds much cooler =D.

As the trailer states, you can get early ad-free access to 2014 videos at the21convention.com/21u. This is a premium subscription service we are offering this year instead of the usual mass download or DVD option.

The videos will be presented through the new program ad-free, and publish on a regular basis at about 200% the speed of the YouTube channel; same videos, double the speed, half the waiting. In some cases we’ll also grant “super-advance” access to a speech or podcast, something from much further down the pipeline (4 months+, etc).

There will be other bonuses with the subscription service as well, including exclusive access to speeches pulled from YouTube. These are rare but there are some no longer available on YouTube, so this will be the only way to access them.  (The reasons for this…

A Goodbye to Nathaniel Branden

Nathaniel Branden died December 3rd 2014. The picture above features Nathaniel, myself, and my now wife (then girlfriend) at his home in California, December 2012. Nathaniel was a personal hero of mine.

He is featured on the header of Declarationism.com for his contributions in psychology and political philosophy (specifically their connection).

My wife and I spent an entire afternoon in his home with him. I spoke with him about his work and how thankful I was that he had created it. Most of what we spoke of related to the two books I had with me of his, The Art of Living Consciously and The Psychology of Romantic Love.

He autographed the books, pictured below.

He was at first hesitant to sign the books due to the illegibility of his hand writing (a symptom of his deteriorating health). My response was approximately,

 Whether or not anyone else knows you have signed the books is unimportant to me. What matters is that I will know…

The 21 Convention 2014 [Photos]

Pictures are up from The 21 Convention 2014 of Tampa Florida. The picture above is from a VIP interview room we set up during the event to shoot video interviews and stills of the speakers.

This happens to be my favorite shot (of my self) from the event. I think it speaks to my pen name very well. The best any photograph has since the 2008 portrait that is still in current use on The 21 Convention website banner.

The event itself was a total success. It was one hell of a journey getting there.

The convention produced about 500 YouTube-purposed videos for us to publish over the next year; more than 50% of our current and publicly available videos. This number includes main presentations, their derivatives, interviews with every speaker, and about a dozen face-to-face podcasts.

I think the video podcasts will be a surprise hit due to the rare and unusual interaction seen between the speakers that are otherwise normally not on camera together. The speaker interviews also…

Presenting the Speakers of The 21 Convention 2014

Quick trailer showcasing the speakers of T21C 2014. Very low cost, made in just a few hours using pre-existing assets.

August Updates

Some updates with what I’ve been up to.

The reading list has been updated here on TDL. It now includes …

Perfect Health Diet is one of the best books I’ve ever read on health and nutrition. It’s right there alongside Mark’s The Primal Blueprint. Paul is also confirmed to speak at T21C 2014, hence, bringing to my attention that his book was not on my recommended reading list.

Steve Jobs is Walter Isaacson’s biography of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. Old news, but, I’ve read it twice over since discovering it last September. The book is a comprehensive journey through Steve’s epic life.

Insanely Simple is a book by Ken Segall. If you are an entrepreneur, this is a must read. Ken’s blog is also, excellent.

Keep It Simple is a book by Hartmut Esslinger. In tandem with Jony Ive, it acts as an informal introduction to design and its importance. Worthwhile even if you are not actively creating a product or service. Harmut is as entertaining as he is educational.