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Fat is the Regulating Nutrient for Body Composition, Not Protein

I’ve had this on my mind since the Spring of 2010. I even wrote a rough draft of what follows before my travels to Europe. I have since scrapped that, and have decided to begin anew. As the title suggests, my working hypothesis is this: fat intake is the defining factor for body composition. Now, […]

It Only Takes One Man

What follows is a quote from The Fountainhead (more specifically, a quote from the latter part of the 25th anniversary edition introduction). I quote the following today – the day of my 22nd birth day – because this passage strikes me like few other collections of ink on paper ever have. As such, rather than […]

Great Men of Our Time

It’s been said that there are three types of men in this world – men who wish to rule over others, men who seek to obey, and men who pursue freedom, independence, and their own visions and dreams with unmeasurable vigor. The third type of man – the passionate men who shape the world we […]