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The Best in the World

This post is a tribute to the best in the world — by my judgement. The best medical doctor in the world. Doug McGuff Runner Up: Michael Eades, Kurt Harris The best health blogger in the world. Mark Sisson The best blog in the world with a lower back focus. James Steele II The best […]

Leg Press vs Squat: The Spine Explored

  I used to squat. Not anymore. Check out my interview with Bill here and the follow up on Conditioning Research. There is also a very old interview with Bill from none other than Doug McGuff MD here.

Liberty Unlocked: Declarationism

As a forewarning for my more consistent readers, this will be the most extreme post I have ever written. In it I will provide a full, radical, basic, consistent alternative to what has become conventional governance in our States United – one that is perhaps by fate, original, in the most absolute sense conceivable. With […]

Success Defined

In September of 2009 I was interviewed by Shannon Kell of the Central Florida Future. During the interview I mentioned the phrase “success with women”. From memory, Shannon immediately asked what I meant by “success”. (I do not remember what she added to the question, if anything at all). My response was crisp: success with […]