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What Have You Done Today?

From a commenter on Clarifying “Uncertainty over Unhappiness” (link) Anthony I think this is a story you will like to hear.   This happened two days ago. Me and one of my good friends (or so i thought) moved to British Columbia with his money that he had inherited from a relative (90 thousand dollars) […]

Clarifying “Uncertainty over Unhappiness”

In my 2010 Stockholm speech I discussed unhappiness and uncertainty, and how I chose uncertainty over unhappiness — when it mattered most, and when I was not getting the details right (when I was screwing stuff up). I will clarify what I mean by this today — choosing uncertainty over unhappiness. Clarify because I see […]

20 Pages of Notes on Dr. McGuff’s Speech

Tim Horine from wrote 20 pages of notes on Dr. McGuff’s speech. They are below as was sent to me (which is raw and not edited for grammar/spelling). I’m assuming they are pretty awesome regardless. Cheers. Oh, and here is the speech if you haven’t seen it yet.   T21C Day 3 July 25th 2010: […]

Man Breathes Life Into the World, Woman Breathes Life Into Man

I made a statement on my Facebook account some time ago. The statement sprung from wondering why Ayn Rand never had children, yet wrote something as profoundly inspiring as The Fountainhead – so much so that it would be accurate to say it has survival value. The statement that came to me was that “Man […]

Dear Dream: The PUA Community? – and Its Cardinal Sins

An e-mail from a reader came in today. I have removed his name for anonymity. I’ve been a subscriber to your blog for some time now. You do a great job. I was first turned on to you by your affiliation with Drew Baye, HIT in general and the primal lifestyle.. It turns out we have […]