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The Best and Highest Possible

A lot of people who follow The 21 Convention have only done so for a short amount of time. They stumble upon a video from the event, and then realize there is a TON of content on the website. What a lot of those people don’t realize I think, is that the upcoming events they […]

Keeping Your Integrity in a Corrupt World

If we live in a society where business associates, corporate heads, political figures, religious leaders, and other public personalities hold themselves to high standards of morality, it is relatively easier for an average person to practice integrity than in a society where corruption, cynicism, and amorality are the norm. In the latter kind of society, […]

A False Dichotomy

“A men’s conference would focus much less on women and much more on how to be a man.” I’ve already discussed this quote here, which came from The Spearhead, but would like to briefly expand on it thanks to Rob Judge. Rob says, Genuinely loving women isn’t something you “do;” it’s something you ARE In […]

Meeting Lord James Steele II and UK Adventures

‎”Don’t work for my happiness, my brothers–show me yours–show me that it is possible–show me your achievement–and the knowledge will give me courage for mine.” Disclaimer: James isn’t actually a lord, but I enjoy British culture and use it every chance I get, even if the words I am using are fully and completely out […]

Why Did I Become So Interested in Politics?

I wasn’t always interested in politics. In fact, for most of my life up until about 18 months go, I didn’t care one way or the other. Then I discovered the greatest man living, Ron Paul. Ron Paul opened my eyes to politics — and what a very real, serious, and direct threat government presents […]