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Paying Homage to the ARX Fit Omni

For reasons I can’t fully explain, I feel inclined to honor this machine, which the picture above does in a very basic sense. And what machine is that? The ARX Fit Omni machine, unveiled for the first time ever at The 21 Convention 2011 of Orlando Florida. Obviously, I think highly of this machine. But […]

Why DragonBall Z is so Amazing

I’m quite sure there is discussion elsewhere of more depth than what I am about to go into, largely thanks to James Steele and his find of Anime and Philosophy (which I have not yet read). Never the less, I have my own ideas about why the anime series Dragonball Z is so incredible, so amazing, […]

My Experience Meeting the Greatest Man Living: Ron Paul

I had seen Ron Paul speak in person once previously, at the 2010 Florida Liberty Summit. I however, missed the opportunity to meet him on the Saturday of that event. Not so in 2011. I made damn sure I would be present at the event, no matter the cost, as well as the “liberty breakfast” […]

Vitamin D and Skewed Statistics

  Dr. John Cannell makes an excellent point that I have thought a lot about as of late — that 99.9999% of statistics are based on populations fucked 10 ways to sunday. He makes the point of Vitamin D deficiency, but of course, it goes way beyond that. The general population is not just severely […]

Love — No Contradictions Possible

I made the color scheme of this blog black and white long ago. While it has always attracted a polarization of the topics discussed, this seems to have increased as time has passed, resulting in a quality of comments that  are increasingly rational on one end, and increasingly irrational on the other. Readers of this […]