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How many bullets have you dodged eating and living properly?

A close friend recently went under the knife. To what? To have their gallbladder removed. My non-medical recommendation of course was to avoid surgery for at least a month while eating nothing but real, awesome food. Her trainer, none other than the legendary Drew Baye, was of the same/similar opinion (from my understanding, have not […]

Contrarian Interpersonal Relationships (preview)

Aside from my opening speech, this was the first speech given at The 21 Convention 2011 of Orlando Florida (click the screenshot to view a preview). It was my personal favorite of the entire conference, because I found so much value in it relevant to where I am at in my personal development as of right […]

Skyler Tanner on Mobility

  Cool little video that I think deserves more attention.

Response to reader Alex

I received the following comment the other day (link). Anthony I usually do not comment, as well, I am on my iPhone. But this struck such a chord with me that I had to express my appreciation. I often think that I will not be able to fully appreciate my father until he dies because I am […]

Feed the Beast

  I came across a subtitle in a book today for a section on the nature of reason and rationality. The subtitle was “Reason: The NonContradictory Integration of Experience”. I found the subtitle pretty profound, and it made me think of The 21 Convention. In particular, the concept of integration, as well as experience. The […]