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The Clone Wars!

  I’m freakin out man, I’m freakin out!  

The First 100K 21 Convention Video

I just got word that the newly released speech from The 21 Convention 2011 of London England, “Becoming the Gorilla” by Brad Branson, is going to be going out to some big distribution channels. Big big. Meaning, I suspect very strongly that this will be the first 100,000 view 21 Convention video, within 12 months […]

Peter Schiff: A Real Life Hank Rearden

You could actually say a real life Midas Mulligan/Hank Rearden hybrid, but who’s counting. Peter Schiff is a bad ass and drives at real fundamental issues in the face of the sheeple — defending the remaining producers left in this crumbling country. I wonder how many people in the crowd even had a murky let alone […]

College Dropouts to Save America

Found this neat article in the New York times. Here’s a quote. If I were betting on the engines of future job creation, I wouldn’t put my money on college students cramming for tests and writing papers with properly formatted M.L.A.-style citations in order to bolster their résumés for careers in traditional professions and middle-management […]

2012 Three Day/Three Event Halloween Ticket Sale!

2012 tickets to The 21 Convention go on sale from Friday October 28th to Sunday October 30th world wide. Visit to ensure you get access to the registration and information link on Friday (by signing up for your corresponding event interest list). Tickets will go offline Sunday night along with October only freebies and promotions […]