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The 5 Year Itch: Was it all a Waste?

For the past 5 years, I’ve hosted a camping trip to a park in Florida named Cayo Costa. The first year I did it with my best friend, seen above (yellow shirt), who died about 8 months later. The last thing we ever talked about was continuing the Cayo Costa camping trip. We agreed to […]

Congruent Exercise: The Greatest Exercise Manual in History

Disclaimer: this is an independent review and is not endorsed in anyway by the author. I do not receive compensation for book sales resulting from this review. ~~~   I’ve been pushing to finish an ultra-long review of Congruent Exercise. “Ultra-long” because I was weaving in so many different ideas into the review, that are […]

Howard Roark…

It was very peculiar, thought Keating. Toohey was asking him a great many questions about Howard Roark. But the questions did not make sense. They were not about buildings, they were not about architecture at all. They were pointless personal questions — strange to ask about a man of whom he had never heard before. […]

Mark Sisson and Doug McGuff MD Interviewed by Dr. Mercola

    As you might guess, both are great. I’ve since invited Dr. Mercola to The 21 Convention. While I was not able to get in touch with him directly, I did get in contact with his press agent. Highly interested at first due to both Mark and Doug being alumni speakers, but lost interest […]

Things are looking up for this country…

  I believe this is Ron Paul’s single greatest debate performance in history. As I’ve discussed before, Ron Paul is set to win the office of the president and become the next President of the united States — one of the few men in American history who will actually be deserving of that title. Many […]