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‘I Love You on Everything … Except Politics”

Recent Comment (link) Love the paleo and 21 convention stuff but clearly have very little understanding of who Thomas Jefferson was all about. Cut the libertarian bull-shite. This is a common comment for me to receive. It essentially says “I agree with and believe you are right on a staggeringly wide array of topics … with […]

Time to Abolish the CDC?

I’ve never taken the time to consider whether or not the CDC is constitutional [EDIT: I checked, it’s not]. Which is a polite way of saying “legal”. Regardless of whether or not it is, stuff like this makes a strong case for abolishing it entirely, or dramatically reducing it’s scope, specifically removing it from the […]

False Idealism vs. True Idealism

  Little pisses me of more than grumpy, old, bitter people criticizing those in their 20s and late teens for being “too idealistic”, and then grouping us all into one undefinable glob. While this post is not focused on the video seen above, it exemplifies exactly what I am talking about. It exemplifies a lethal betrayal, bottom […]

No Fluoride x 4 years + No Dentist x 6 Years = Perfect Teeth

Until 48 hours ago, I had not seen a dentist for any reason in over 6 years. I have completely avoided fluoride toothpaste for about 4 years, and have avoided water containing fluoride as often as possible during that same span of time. According to the dentist, I do not have a single cavity. I drink coffee […]

The Paleo Solution to Body Odor and Deodorant

Many that consider themselves “paleo” are not just looking for answers in the field of nutrition and exercise, but are looking for valid alternatives to conventional wisdom in other areas of life as well. Sleep, posture, cold plunges, and sunlight come to mind, but what about general hygiene? Admittedly, this (a natural deodorant that works perfectly) […]