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How to Make Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee™ … the Dream way

Anthony Dream Johnson from The 21 Convention/The Dream Lounge demonstrates how to make the best coffee in the world — Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee™ — with a few twists of his own. Get Bulletproof Upgraded Coffee:

MRI Images of my Left (injured) Knee

(Click to enlarge) In high school football I managed to dislocate my left knee cap 5 different times. Five was enough for me (meaning the doctor) to call it quits, and as fate would have it, watch my team go undefeated my senior year. Heart-breaker for a 17 year old, to the point that I was in tears for […]

The 21 Convention on GetStrongTV

  Sometimes I forget that tons of people are actually getting what I’m doing and saying. This guy is certainly one of them. Thanks for the shout out! — Anthony Dream Johnson

Yes He Can

Yes, he can, and will win.

To the Readers of this Blog … What’s the scoop on Ron Paul?

To the readers of this blog — you’re probably wondering what’s really going with Ron Paul, especially if you are from outside the US and have to make sense of our political system. The short version is: I was dead right, Ron Paul is set to win the Republican nomination, and will win the general […]