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Now this is a good ad for Vibram/going barefoot …

  Just found this on Mark’s site, an excellent introduction to going barefoot for the lay person, as well as a nice pump for Vibram. Wearing Speeds these days myself, and loving them.

The Importance of Quality Video Production and Distribution : This Will Shock You

I heard a lot of complaints about the video from AHS 2011.┬áProbably┬ábecause video from The 21 Convention is so consistently off the charts, and their video production was shockingly poor, especially given the all-star 2011 speaking lineup. What few realize I think is just how critical video production and distribution is for a speaker, for […]

I Don’t Work to Help You

I don’t think many people understand why I run The 21 Convention. I’m sure a few do, but they are a tiny minority. Shit, I’ve only come to understand my own drives clearly over the past 2 years in general, and the past few months in specific. The free aspect of The 21 Convention only […]

Speaking List World Premiere : The 21 Convention 2012

Okay, this isn’t really a blog post, but this is important to me, and I know how important it is to many of you. Without further delay, here are the 2012 London and Austin speaking lists (Australia’s list will follow in July). Conference rooms have also been booked for all events and photographs/addresses can be […]

The Objectivist Rejection of Libertarianism

I’m not the right person to put this eloquently, nor am I even particularly good at doing so in the first place. Instead, I’ll spell the objectivist rejection of libertarianism out, as I personally understand it. Objectivism rejects libertarianism because at it’s core, libertarianism is not a philosophy, nor even a political philosophy, but an […]