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How to Not Care About What Other People Think of You (or anything else)

It’s common for people to proclaim that they don’t care what others think. Conventionally, it’s almost seen as a badge of confidence or honor. I don’t care what other people think of me (or X). See? I’m cool! In most cases I don’t think this is true though. The person proclaiming this, to themselves, others, […]

Gravity Based Exercise Equipment vs. Motorized Exercise Machines

This is a video blog I made yesterday on my Arx Fit Omni. In it I discuss the superiority of motorized exercise machines over gravity based equipment, including dumbbells barbells kettle-bells body weight exercises selectorized equipment My argument boils down to one fundamental point, with two distinct derivative points. Primary point An intelligent alien being, […]

Unboxing of the Best Exercise Machine in the World

Speaking only for myself, and as unveiled to the world at The 21 Convention (video), the ARX Fit Omni is the world’s best exercise machine. And now it’s sitting in my house! I had my first workout on it this morning. It was everything I ever dreamed of and more =). I plan to blog […]

The Under 21 Convention

  This is another preview clip from the documentary interview of Socrates. As he mentions, Soc is one of the few people who has had the opportunity to see The 21 Convention grow from it’s very inception. No one pre-dates Soc. Not even me. The minute I even started toying with the idea, he was […]

Stop Chasing

Below are two comments from a reader and my responses. The picture above is included primarily because it very clearly expresses what I have been saying over multiple posts now : stop chasing. The second comment set has more to do with chasing than the first comment set, but both should prove insightful. From Random […]