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This Nonsense Must Stop : Ron Paul is NOT a Voluntaryist

This video is disturbing. It has the feel of propaganda, and is perhaps the pinnacle expression of why objectivists disown libertarianism. While I admit that this is a large topic requiring further discussion, I feel a need to defend Ron Paul from this complete and utter nonsense, at least on a basic level for the time being. […]

RenEx™ Gone Wild | Segment A : Who the heck actually used ARX equipment?

This article is not endorsed or sponsored by Renaissance Exercise™ or anyone acting on their behalf. All written content here in is the sole responsibility of Anthony Johnson, and is in no way associated with any organization, including but not limited to those in which Anthony plays a leadership role. … In their recent “Dumpers” […]

[Photos] The 21 Convention 2012 (London)

With 18 of the world’s best speakers, The 21 Convention 2012 of London England went off without a hitch, June 22nd-24th 2012 at the Charing Cross Hotel of Central London. Pictures can be viewed below. Over 100 additional photos can also be seen in the official Facebook album. Links to each speaker’s website are also […]

The Dream Shake 2.0 (Raw Edition) : Bullet Proof ™ Style

  I made a “dream shake” about 3 years ago on video and people still talk about it to this day. So, finally, I’ve made a sequel video. Here’s the ingredients list : raw grass fed milk free range raw egg yolk almond butter peanut butter banana Saigon cinnamon organic chocolate syrup virgin coconut oil […]

A Documentary for Manning up Smart

Click the video image or here to watch the all new documentary interview of 21 Convention speaker Socrates NOW. This is the full deal, 63 minutes long, in true 720p HD quality. And when I say “true” I really, really mean it this time around. I had the video editor double the usual quality and […]