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Chris Highcock’s Transformation : Ultra Impressive

Chris Highcock posted an impressive transformation this past August (here). I’ve taken the liberty to create a side-by-side image which you can see above. While it’s possible that I missed one, I haven’t seen anyone blog about Chris’s transformation, and it leads me to believe that most people are oblivious to what a feat this […]

Notes on the New Design

This blog had a pretty significant overhaul a few months back, and I never quite did justice to discussing the change. Brief as it may be, I’ll take the time now to discuss the design changes. ~ This blog had been too simple, for too long. While I did not feel that the old design […]

The Congruent Exercises Demonstrated

  Bill demonstrates the exercises from his Congruent Exercise manual. Incredibly useful companion video for the book, to say the least. Watch Bill’s talk at The 21 Convention here. Get the book here. Subscribe to Bill’s new Youtube channel here.

Philanthropy Will Not Solve Obesity

“Trillions of dollars have been given to charity in the last 50 years, and they don’t solve anything,” – Carlos Slim : the richest man in the world Tim Ferriss recently published a post titled “The Manhattan Project to End Fad Diets“. The post introduces a new all-star, non-profit organization, with headliners like Gary Taubes, […]

ARX Fit Omni : The Perfect Machine?

When I’m not day-dreaming about how far superior the ARX Fit Omni is to every exercise machine on the planet, and in the history of the universe, I read Congruent Exercise by Bill DeSimone. Today I came across a gem of a quote (as if this book wasn’t packed with them to begin with) : Bolded […]