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Women Should Not Be in Combat Positions

I normally stay away from “current event” politics. My interests are properly and primarily aligned to long term political and legal philosophy development and influence. Translation : arguing trivial bullshit takes away from real, long term goals, to permanently fix “governments” instituted among men — which are currently and largely illegal institutions that violate your […]

Joining the Richard Nikoley Ranks : I am Fed up with Christianity

Schooling Experience I was “raised” Catholic. I went through formal communion, confirmation, and evening schooling at a few points. I hardly remember any of it. While I didn’t despise going through these steps per say, I absolutely hated having to sit through any and all of them. It wasn’t the doing, it was just being present that […]

The Illusion of a Product

  This is a pretty good video I found via Drew Baye. The narrator/star makes an abhorrent error by looking to government for …. an answer. And the error is as naive as it is ugly. Even so, good short video. As you might have guessed, most “internet marketers” are somewhere between the level of […]

The Cross Fit “Attitude” : A Disease

“Crossfitters” are sometimes (often?) praised for the attitude they bring to the table. The “go get em”, determined, persevering attitude. While this attitude assessment is accurate, it being praiseworthy, in this context, is another story. As you might have guessed by my previous post on CrossFit, I am convinced this attitude is deeply misplaced. I believe it would even […]