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Timed Static Contraction Row

(click to play) This is a short video clip from my workout of the week today (or weekend in this case). I would film more but it is such a pain to setup the filming and then workout solo on top of it. I may film more next weekend. Anyway this is an example of […]

+1,500 lb Earth Shattering Squat!

(Click to play) When I realized I could do this last weekend … I knew it would make for an epic video, under the right title. Truly, in the above video, I do perform a 1,706 pound squat. Which is what makes it so hysterical. Hysterical because most people are not even aware that multiple […]

Body by Science + Body Weight Exercises

New podcast on body weight exercises in a BBS template. Included are links to … Drew Baye Chris Highcock Michael Allen Smith Thanks @ the reader for emailing in.

Cardio Does Not Exist

Nothing is more exemplary in the fitness industry of a “contagion” factor, than the idea and term “cardio”. Much like a parasite, this idea, and this slang term, has wormed its way into the heads of tens, perhaps hundreds of millions of people. I suspect this is because unlike “aerobics”, cardio rolls off the tongue. […]

CrossFit™ is the Most Dysfunctional Fitness Program on the Planet

I realized something ironic yesterday. CrossFit™, an “evidence based fitness program” by their own account — and widely praised for it’s focus on “functional training” — is the most dysfunctional fitness program currently known to man (that has some meaningful level of popularity). dys·func·tion·al Not operating normally or properly. I base this on the premise that […]