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The Big Five on a Single Machine with Perfect Resistance Curves

The ARX Fit OMNI is not the first multi-exercise machine to ever be invented, but to my knowledge, it is one of the first to be capable of self-performing a Body by Science “big five”, with perfect resistance curves for each exercise, superior to that of even an entire platoon of gravity dependent machines. Here’s the […]

The Hillfit Minimum

The Hillfit Minimum is something I came across about a month ago simply while visiting I was already familiar with Chris Highcock’s book HillFit because I received a copy when it first came out. (As I mentioned in a podcast, the book was a sort of inspiration for designing workouts while traveling for the Australia 21 Convention, […]

New Blood Work Provided by WellnessFX

Right click & save as to download the PDF. After sucking down butter and whole eggs for a great deal of my adult life, I posted some basic blood work in early 2012, with some additional commentary/insight here from a Reddit user. Last week I discovered that WellnessFX would test my blood for free. No […]

An Introduction to Intermittent Fasting

(click to play) Jolly’s been the T21C photographer at all US conventions since 2010 , so you have him to thank for all of the awesome photography work he does at each event. More than that, you can thank him for this awesome presentation on intermittent fasting. As I mentioned in the intro, it was not planned. In fact, […]