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Overcoming Barriers to Romantic Love

  I discovered this lecture on Youtube yesterday. I had trouble believing I did not come across it sooner. After watching the talk beginning to end I published it under the creative commons license to The 21 Convention Youtube Channel. The content itself is first class. In video format, it is a true gem of […]

The Lost Generation

Greg Swann recently re-posted an article he had previously published on That article inspired this one. For the most part, I will be adding to what Greg wrote. I will not be addressing the entirety of the title “The Lost Generation”, a topic which I think could easily encompass an entire series of posts, […]

New Blog – Dream’s Lounge

I started a new blog via It shares a similar name to this one, but is narrower in scope, less formal, and won’t be updated as frequently. It’s purpose is to be an outlet for my writing that is recreational in nature as a primary. TDL has some of that, but frequently crosses over […]

21 University +

21 University launched November 30th (read the welcome announcement). I am taking the time here to do an extended one way discussion of the concept with those of you who read TDL, and I think, have a deeper understanding of T21C. I plan to repeat this process in a more general way at, so […]