An Omni Workout to be Proud Of


This is an impressive effort (and level of concentration) from Matt Mombourquette on an ARX Fit Omni up in Canada. Here are some videos of Matt performing additional exercises on the Omni.

If you are unfamiliar with motorized resistance, using the machine may not look intense, but it is, in the extreme.  That goes double if you’re not used to training in a high intensity fashion.

For reference, and from what I gather on Matt’s Youtube videos, he is starting each exercise @ 50% of maximum effort, then proceeds to 75% on the second repetition, and from there gives it 100% until he reaches failure — another 2-3 reps in most cases.

This is a little bit different from how I use the machine. I typically do 2 “warm up reps” @ 20-30% of maximum effort, rest 20 seconds, build up pressure on the machine, and go 100% on each rep until failure.

Although no matter what, the first rep is never as intense as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. Both internally as it is experienced, and as the force gauge on the machine reads your output.

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