ARX Fit Professional [video]

arx proThis is a short video I found on the Efficient Exercise Youtube channel. I’ve seen it before but did not know it was online.

(I was also in the area when this was filmed at Paleo FX 2012).

In the video Skyler goes through a basic overview of the vertical and horizontal ARX Fit pieces. An OMNI is in the background but is not discussed in the video.

Interesting history note … I met Drew Baye via a prototype of the vertical machine that he had in his home at the time. [video].

On a personal note and as I’ve mentioned before : while I like the professional pieces, I prefer the OMNI overall. The only draw back I can think of is that you can run through exercises faster with the professional line of equipment, where as the Omni sometimes needs to be arranged differently, depending on what you want to do.

For example you can switch between a tricep pressdown and a pulldown in seconds, but to go from a pulldown to a belt squat takes more time (up to a minute perhaps).

This drawback is also dependent on the user wanting such rapid fire speed though. I haven’t cared to rush through a workout in *years*, so this is a non-issue for someone like me.

Laughingly, if one does hyper reps on motorized equipment (maximum positive/negative), it’s probably not possible for a hard working trainee (who is familiar with the equipment) to “rush through” a workout. The intensity in such a case is too high to do so.

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4 Responses to ARX Fit Professional [video]

  1. Donnie Hunt March 19, 2013 at 9:28 pm #

    Skyler does a good job demonstrating and explaining the machines. I got a good chuckle from that other video with you and Keith Norris. The one where he’s wearing the mouth guard and goes, “mother fucker!” after doing an exercise. I had a good workout today on the selectorized Cybex equipment at the YMCA. You’ve probably gained alot of strength having had your Omni for awhile now eh? You had gained quite a bit of strength from the time you started HIT like training didn’t you? How much muscle mass do you think you have gained since you started? I kinda had a good eye opening during my workout this evening on what I need to focus on. I hear ya on the speed or rush factor thing too man. Sometimes I rest very little, sometimes I don’t.

    • Anthony Dream Johnson March 20, 2013 at 12:47 pm #

      Hey Donnie

      I think Skyler does a great job as well, however, I do not believe this demonstration/presentation was rehearsed, so, there may be changes Skyler himself would like to make, if he were to redo it.

      For example he states that a dead-lift on the vertical machine provides a maximum negative. This is only true if the user is giving the negative 100% of their effort. Otherwise the resistance is per usual, user driven.

      So if a trainee gives it 100% on the positive, and 75% on the negative … well, you get the idea.

      Re the Omni, the duration I’ve owned one is deceptive due to The 21 Convention and knee surgery. For the first 6 months of ownership I was barely able to use the machine because I was constantly traveling to Europe, Texas, California, and Australia. For weeks at a time.

      Then the knee surgery took me out, in the middle of all that. And because of my specific type of surgery (MPFL repair), I was not able to get on the machine for quite some time. (You have to bend your knees to sit in the machine, which I was incapable of doing).

      I’ve only been able to use the machine with reliable consistency since about Christmas.

      Re gains, I am excited about my legs. I think they’ve grown overall, and the atrophied quadriceps has recovered well. Early rehabilitation was primarily done with a nitro leg press, but everything since has been primarily a static belt squat on the machine.

      As for other gains, this is difficult to say. The machine provides pin point feedback, but it is not as simple to interpret and observe as selectorized or free weight equipment. I’m not “benching” 225 one day and 230 the next.

      Nor am I “nautilus chest pressing” 185 lbs one day for 8 reps, and 9 the next. These things are skills, even in a ultra-slow exercise environment and setting.

      The variety of ways to use the machine is also enormous, and I am still I think in the early stages of tinkering between hyper reps, negative only, and TSC. Never mind repetition speed, exercises, frequency, rep range, and on and on ….

      The machine is categorically different from all previous equipment I’ve tried.

      • Donnie Hunt March 21, 2013 at 8:31 pm #

        I hear you on the negative effort being dependent on the user. The way you can direct your effort on these types of machines sounds very effective.

        You have brought the time use duration of your ARX to my attention before. I guess maybe perception of time is a bit off lol.

        I’m glad your knee and quad are recovering well. I think I may have told you before, the way you went about rehabing your leg makes alot of sense.

        I hear ya on the gains thing. I don’t know what my body mass index is. If memory serves me correctly I weighed about 145 in 2009. I now weigh around 168 to 170. I’m 36. about 5’10”. I do know I have more body fat than I use to. My workout schedule has kinda been on again off again during this time period.

        Again, regarding ARX like equipment. I go back to your “alien design comment”. Granted I’ve not used any equipment like this but it seems like it lets you get right to the heart of one is trying to do on other equipment: contract your muscles with a high level of effort without something inhibiting you.

        • Donnie Hunt March 21, 2013 at 9:19 pm #

          In the second paragraph I meant maybe MY perception of time is a bit off, lol.

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