The Big Five on a Single Machine with Perfect Resistance Curves

The ARX Fit OMNI is not the first multi-exercise machine to ever be invented, but to my knowledge, it is one of the first to be capable of self-performing a Body by Science “big five”, with perfect resistance curves for each exercise, superior to that of even an entire platoon of gravity dependent machines.

Here’s the video description for the lay viewer …

This video is a short demonstration of the potential to self-perform a dynamic “big five” workout from Body by Science on a single machine, with perfect resistance curves, and live second-by-second visual feedback : the ARX Fit OMNI.

The “big five” includes :

– vertical pull
– horizontal press
– horizontal pull
– vertical press
– compound leg exercise

Anthony Johnson does not work for ARX Fit or represent ARX Fit in any capacity. This video and its contents are entirely the responsibility of Anthony Johnson.

This video is not intended to demonstrate proper usage of ARX equipment. See for official videos and information from ARX Fit.

The ARX Fit OMNI seen in this video is an early model. New OMNIs are significantly different. Contact ARX Fit for more details on their equipment at

The “big five” highlighted throughout this video is one of many possibilities on ARX equipment. Other protocol variations for the “big five” on this machine include positive only, negative only, timed static contractions, and more.

There are no weights used on this machine at any time. All resistance is feedback driven, or “mirrored back” to the trainee, based on individual strength and level of effort. The machine cannot be overpowered by the trainee. Repetition speed can be adjusted through a wide spectrum.

In this video a deliberate effort was made by Anthony to avoid yelling, screaming, grunting, thrashing, flailing, grimacing, and to breathe continuously. Repetitions on this machine can be extremely intense and are typically very “uncomfortable” in terms of discomfort from simply performing the repetitions in a given set.

That last bit just means that all-out repetitions, particularly on the negative, are brutally painful, and are significantly more intense than even the famous “one rep max” via gravity dependent equipment.

[Your one rep max with a barbell exercise for example, is just a demonstration of your maximum strength during the weakest position of that exercise, during your weakest half of the contraction, the positive — 1 rep maxes are literally, your weakest maximum].

Most people are quick to grunt, scream, and yell during such repetitions. So yes, I deserve a cookie for my performance. Gluten free chocolate chip please.

The New Seat

I mentioned via * in the video that there is a new seating arrangement with new OMNIs. I noticed this in the 2012 ARX demonstration at The 21 Convention. Well, there it is via a screenshot from the video.

It’s a simple pop-pin arrangement that allows the user to recline the back of the seat without reclining the entire seat. A simple adjustment, but, in my estimation, a nice upgrade for a variety of pressing and pulling movements on the OMNI. In particular, the overhead press, and rear-facing row.

The Incredible Edible OMNI

Okay, maybe you can’t eat it, but the OMNI truly is an incredible piece of equipment that continues not to get the recognition it deserves. It is high quality, low cost, simple to setup, relatively lightweight, cannot be overpowered or maxed out by any trainee, gives every exercise a perfect resistance curve, AND, takes up less than third of a small bedroom in floor space.

Did I mention it provides live visual feedback via any computer monitor with a Windows OS powering it? From a $50 junker off craigslist to a $1,400 video-editing-entertainment master piece, it just works.

Oh, and with $100 in aftermarket parts you can take the number of possible exercises on the machine from ~30, to 60+. You can then perform virtually any protocol imaginable, with any rep/set scheme imaginable, at almost any speed conceivable – from about 2/2 to 50/50.

You can even switch protocols on the fly. You can go from a perfect-live-feedback TSC belt squat to a positive only chest press in 30 seconds, and then follow it in 5 seconds with a static overhead press.

Want to follow it up in 30 seconds with a negative only pulldown? No problem.

Don’t forget, this is all by yourself. With a trainer operating the machine, everything is even faster and more lethal.

Another ARX Big Five

This is an older video of Doug McGuff M.D. performing a big five on earlier ARX equipment. Two machines instead of one, no independent handles, but similar in motorized resistance. Quite a bit louder too =), although that is no longer an issue on the current versions.

About Anthony Dream Johnson

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