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The 5 Year Itch: Was it all a Waste?

For the past 5 years, I’ve hosted a camping trip to a park in Florida named Cayo Costa. The first year I did it with my best friend, seen above (yellow shirt), who died about 8 months later. The last thing we ever talked about was continuing the Cayo Costa camping trip. We agreed to […]

2 Things That Made Me Cry

Conventional wisdom tells us that “manly men” don’t cry. And if they do, they don’t tell anyone about it. Keep it bottled up like the dark, shameful secret that it is — right? I call bullshit — an epic load of it. To the contrary, fully rational men are also deeply, and passionately emotional. The […]

Clarifying “Uncertainty over Unhappiness”

In my 2010 Stockholm speech I discussed unhappiness and uncertainty, and how I chose uncertainty over unhappiness — when it mattered most, and when I was not getting the details right (when I was screwing stuff up). I will clarify what I mean by this today — choosing uncertainty over unhappiness. Clarify because I see […]

The Dream You Guys Never Got to Meet

I was discussing the possibility of an investor in The 21 Convention the other day with my dad. He mentioned a problem I had was that if something ever happened to me, the whole business goes adios. For one, he’s right. If I ever got into an accident and died, T21C would go bye bye. […]

The Quest for Nutritional Truth: Why I Eat the Way I Eat

At this point, I’ve tried writing this post over half a dozen times. I’ve promised it for so long, I’ve decided to finally hammer it out, no matter the cost. I feel good though. My head is clear, and I’ve done enough writing lately that I feel I can organize my thoughts clearly, logically, and […]