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[Photos] The 21 Convention 2012 (London)

With 18 of the world’s best speakers, The 21 Convention 2012 of London England went off without a hitch, June 22nd-24th 2012 at the Charing Cross Hotel of Central London. Pictures can be viewed below. Over 100 additional photos can also be seen in the official Facebook album. Links to each speaker’s website are also […]

The Importance of Quality Video Production and Distribution : This Will Shock You

I heard a lot of complaints about the video from AHS 2011. Probably because video from The 21 Convention is so consistently off the charts, and their video production was shockingly poor, especially given the all-star 2011 speaking lineup. What few realize I think is just how critical video production and distribution is for a speaker, for […]

Upcoming Events

There are half a dozen upcoming events you should consider attending this year. In chronological order they include, PaleoFX 2012 (March) DDS 2012 (March) Primal Con 2012 (April) T21C 2012 (London) (June) T21C 2012 (Austin) (August) T21C 2012 (Melbourne) (November/December) I’ll be at PaleoFX 2012, all three 21 Conventions, and there is a slim chance I’ll make it to Primal Con. […]