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The Avengers of Exercise

21 Studios presents The Avengers of Exercise: Age of Reason, now playing in your home and mobile device theater! Okay so to be honest, I’m more of a Captain America: The Winter Solider fan myself, but I couldn’t resist the play on the title of the latest Avengers movie. As it turns out, the reality […]

Ending the Barbell Squat Delusion : Message from a Reader & Powerlifter

The following is an e-mail from a reader and competitive power lifter. I thought it was really good and have decided to post it here with his permission. It’s easily the most well thought out and written e-mail I’ve gotten as a result of my posts concerning the barbell squat. The title of this post […]

Real Exercise

 I was thinking today about the contrast between real and pseudo exercise. Specifically, that nearly all of what passes as exercise today is chaotic randomized pro–primitive/anti-technology erratic (mentally + physically) unpredictable Essentially it is a giant, messy, birds nest of ideas, slogans, and fallacies dressed up with good intentions and a few “certifications” — which […]


The above video is a demonstration of negative emphasized pulldowns on the ARx Omni – different from negative only pulldowns I have blogged about previously. Some commentary … A) Negative focused work is pretty interesting to experience. Partly because of the fact that it is a novelty in itself, in that most equipment is not […]

Squat Roundup

I’ve been really busy lately with T21C stuff and as a result feel that I have neglected this blog. That will change soon, and in the meantime, here’s a roundup of squat related posts as well as some current thoughts. The Classics Barbell Squat : The Worst Exercise in Existence Top 10 Reasons NOT to […]