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Im Getting Married

In early April of 2013 I decided to marry my girlfriend. Due to the size and scope of the decision, I also decided to sit on it for a few months, let it simmer, and see how I felt about it down the road. July 29th, I pulled the trigger. I decided to remain standing […]

A Salute to Socrates

The Relationship Talk Your Father Never Gave You was published today. Its publication brings to mind a number of things. One of which is the realization that Socrates has so much to say, even in the context of all the other incredible speakers at The 21 Convention, that I am literally at a loss of what to […]

The Value of Art in Man’s Life

… Only an arrested modern mentality would go on protesting that the events portrayed in a thriller are incredible or improbable, that there are no heroes, that “life is not like that” — all of which is thoroughly irrelevant. Nobody takes thrillers literally, nor cares about their specific events, nor harbors any frustrated desire to […]

Why is “The Manosphere” Obsessed with Christianity?

Someone asked me here on TDL a while back what I thought about the Christian/semi-neo-conservative slant of “the manosphere”. While this post is not a deep discussion of such, I do want to make it known that I find it … baffling, or puzzling at best. As a commenter put it here, some of the […]

The What vs. The Why

  This is a great video that just came out from Paleo FX. I think it’s worth sharing because I suspect this attitude is more common that most would believe. It’s not just prevalent in paleo-land, it’s in every domain of significance. And why is that? By my judgement it is primarily due to something called […]