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Hangin with Mr. Cooper… and Spotting Female Psychopaths

  Recently I had Richard Cooper from Entrepreneurs in Cars live on 21 Radio. Richard’s own YouTube channel is blowing up, and he is also a confirmed speaker for The 21 Convention 2017 Ten Year Anniversary. This was his first introduction on our channel so we covered a wide range of topics. From the red […]

My First Podcast with Rollo Tomassi

  21 Radio is normally hosted by Steve Mayeda, and on occasion, Skyler Tanner. However as the YouTube channel has grown to now surpass 120,000 subscribers, I’ve decided it’s best to not only take a more active role in the podcast itself, but also stream them live to the entire channel. YouTube likes this kind […]

Twin Interviews

In early June of 2016 I sat down for over an hour on video with podcast host Ted Ryce in Miami Florida. You can see the full video podcast here. I’ve been on Ted’s podcast once before (remotely), but sitting down in person was a different experience entirely. Ted asked great questions and we covered […]

2 Hour Podcast Interview /w Steve Mayeda

  This is a ~2 hour podcast interview I did with Steve Mayeda recently. I believe it is the most extensive interview I’ve done to date. Steve is a great host and asked excellent questions. We discussed personal influences, history of The 21 Convention, as well as the upcoming T21C 2014 of Tampa Florida. Tickets […]

If You Could Ask Greg Swann Anything …

The opportunity to interview Greg Swann as part of the on-going T21C documentary series presented itself a short while ago, and surprise, I’m taking it. If you are unfamiliar with the series, it consists of sitting down with alumni T21C speakers and asking hard, thoughtful questions. It’s a ton of fun, highly rewarding, and nothing […]