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The 21 Convention Documentary Channel

For empire-building/world-domination reasons of my own, I have created a small network of Youtube channels. Chief among the new additions is a secondary channel for The 21 Convention (click here to subscribe) . It’s currently called “The 21 Convention Documentary” because I plan to publish, for the time being, strictly content from the ongoing documentary […]

A Documentary for Manning up Smart

Click the video image or here to watch the all new documentary interview of 21 Convention speaker Socrates NOW. This is the full deal, 63 minutes long, in true 720p HD quality. And when I say “true” I really, really mean it this time around. I had the video editor double the usual quality and […]

Fantastic Interview by Richard Nikoley, with Greg Swann

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Rare Nathaniel Branden Video Interview

Perfection     Integrity     The best within  

It is Done

I was originally going to do a KickStarter for continuing The 21 Convention Documentary series, but decided against it for private reasons. In the end, and as you can see above, 21 Convention speaker Socrates from is now done filming his interview for the ongoing T21C documentary series. (If you missed the first 6 episodes you can […]