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Unpublished Interview

This is an unedited (including grammar), unpublished, raw interview I did with a rep from Nothing in here is endorsed in any way by, or anyone corresponding on their behalf. It’s just a friendly e-mail exchange that I think most TDL readers will find to be a great read. As of right now, […]

Mark Sisson and Doug McGuff MD Interviewed by Dr. Mercola

    As you might guess, both are great. I’ve since invited Dr. Mercola to The 21 Convention. While I was not able to get in touch with him directly, I did get in contact with his press agent. Highly interested at first due to both Mark and Doug being alumni speakers, but lost interest […]

To Step Aside or Step Up

A few weeks ago I came to a crossroad in my life. I haven’t mentioned it anywhere online before, nor have I discussed it with more than a handful of individuals that I have been close with for many years. That crossroad was a simple, yet extremity difficult decision to make: do I step aside, […]

Interview With Bill De Simone: Author of Moment Arm Exercise

Bill De Simone is the author of Moment Arm Exercise, a revolutionary book on the often overlooked bio-mechanics of exercise. I read the book many months ago, have applied my own personal understanding of the concepts, and have reaped results from those actions. I believe what Bill offers not only increases the safety of the […]