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Meeting a Hero

I’ve made it a point in my life to meet my heroes. I’ve been tremendously successful in this regard. Meeting Nathaniel Branden however, was truly a highlight; one I will remember for the rest of my life. Nathaniel’s work has been immensely influential in my development as a man. So much that I would say […]

My Experience Meeting the Greatest Man Living: Ron Paul

I had seen Ron Paul speak in person once previously, at the 2010 Florida Liberty Summit. I however, missed the opportunity to meet him on the Saturday of that event. Not so in 2011. I made damn sure I would be present at the event, no matter the cost, as well as the “liberty breakfast” […]

Meeting Lord James Steele II and UK Adventures

‎”Don’t work for my happiness, my brothers–show me yours–show me that it is possible–show me your achievement–and the knowledge will give me courage for mine.” Disclaimer: James isn’t actually a lord, but I enjoy British culture and use it every chance I get, even if the words I am using are fully and completely out […]

Exercise in the 21st Century

  This is the video of a workout I performed yesterday in Austin Texas at Efficient Exercise under the supervision of Skyler Tanner. The workout consisted of 3 “Hyper Reps” for the lower back (that means maximum positive and maximum negative effort) 3 “Double Negatives” on a horizontal plane (equivalent to a back to back […]

Great Men of Our Time

It’s been said that there are three types of men in this world – men who wish to rule over others, men who seek to obey, and men who pursue freedom, independence, and their own visions and dreams with unmeasurable vigor. The third type of man – the passionate men who shape the world we […]