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Ron Paul vs. Ellsworth Toohey

Ron Paul “debates” Paul Krugman in this video. I put debates in quotations because Paul Krugman is such a weaseling, intellectually and morally bankrupt scumbag it would be unjust to actually call this a “debate”, as if the individual men and ideas involved were in any way equals and equally valid ideas. Paul Krugram is in […]

The History and Future of Money

This is a brand new speech on given by level 3 CFA Gary Korolev. As the title states, it’s about the history and future of money. Gary is highly critical of fiat currency and central banking in the presentation, especially when it comes to the federal reserve of the united States. For some of you, […]

Peter Schiff: A Real Life Hank Rearden

You could actually say a real life Midas Mulligan/Hank Rearden hybrid, but who’s counting. Peter Schiff is a bad ass and drives at real fundamental issues in the face of the sheeple — defending the remaining producers left in this crumbling country. I wonder how many people in the crowd even had a murky let alone […]

College Dropouts to Save America

Found this neat article in the New York times. Here’s a quote. If I were betting on the engines of future job creation, I wouldn’t put my money on college students cramming for tests and writing papers with properly formatted M.L.A.-style citations in order to bolster their résumés for careers in traditional professions and middle-management […]

Profits are Made on the Buy, not the Sell

During one of the speeches at The 21 Convention 2011 of Orlando Florida, one of the speakers said something pretty extraordinary. He said that — in regards to all areas of life, not just wealth, but even things like intimate relationships, friendships, etc — profits are made on the buy, not the sell. I thought […]