Congruent Exercise on Conditioning Research!

I can’t believe I missed this … Chris Highcock from Conditioning Research did a 3 part series on Congruent Exercise by Bill DeSimone (the early video, the new book).

The posts are mainly quotes, summaries, and short thoughts from the book directly, or as Chris interpreted them. I recommend checking the series out because anything to do with Congruent Exercise is worth reading, simply because Bill and his written works are so severely underrated (much like Conditioning Research itself).

Here is the series thus far.

Hey, at least Tim Ferriss is catching on.


Bill DeSimone 2012 Austin Texas!!!

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  1. hey March 8, 2012 at 12:12 am #


    Have been on your website and Anthony Robbins stuff, it’s clear the importance of physiology and Body by Science tools to help that.

    Posture directly affects your emotions. What are some good HIT exercises/ practices(disciplines)/ nutrition etc to help the spine more easily align and be strong, so the blood and air flow smoothly even in abundance?

    Robbins says that if you don’t watch your posture throughout the day, you will be less motivated to do lots of work and influential to others.

    What has motivated and made you take constant action?

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