How to Protect Your Privacy

For those of you not living under a rock for the past six (+)  years, you are well aware that “the police state” is cracking down, and many corporations are happy to comply and aid in this effort.

While this is a problem with widespread consequences that my generation will have to face, and defeat at some point, there are things you can do in the meantime, outside of fighting with your mind, speaking out, and sticking up for your right to exist.

The following four links are a great starting point for your own research (as far as I am aware, please feel free to contribute more links in the comments section).

Now, some of you may be wondering, why does this matter for me?

Assuming your hesitation is legitimate (I’m not so sure it is), there is a great answer to this question : staying ahead of the game will pay off immensely over time, as efforts increase to violate all of your unalienable rights, and turn you into a sophisticated  serf/slave.

Efforts to convince you that the above is a “good thing”, are also going to increase as time goes on. You need to be a slave with no rights because it is for your own good, for “the common” good, for your own safety, it’s a practical necessity, etc.

Just look up the 19th century justifications and excuses for shackle slavery and check off how many are given today, translated into modern times.

In any case, the above four links are fantastic resources for protecting your privacy, your property, and your life. All but the third are free as well.

As for me, I’ve been utilizing the above for some time now. This has been especially true since a speaker of the convention pointed out to me that I am the founder, leader, and face of a growing organization that distributes controversial (general), contrarian (general), and extremely small (government) ideas.

“Small government” is a mis-identification however. The only fully legal government that can exist, ever, is one that is microscopic by today’s standards. So truly, the ideas presented are not “extremely small”, but *correct and accurate*.

Because of this fact, I have been adopting precautionary measures/habits for my internet usage and data protection for a while, and will continue to do so (perhaps indefinitely).

While I doubt anyone truly gives a shit about the organization I run right now, there may come a point in time when someone or some group does, and I would like to make it as close to impossible as possible for them to violate my rights in this context.

Not leaving a trail to be uncovered is useful in this regard.

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