Three on the Way

I mentioned a while back that there were three documentary-style interviews on the way from 21C. Previews are up of all three that I wanted to share today for those who have not seen them yet. James Marshall preview James Steele II preview Greg Swann preview (check the comments) These are costly to produce so they […]

My Wedding Vows

Today is my 1 month wedding anniversary. Big day =D. As promised,  my wedding vows. The bolded parts were not read, and were instead included to help give each section its own individual significance, as it was orated. (I was concerned they would mentally “run together”, which I thought would then bleed over to my […]

Video of My Wedding

  Haven’t blogged since pre-wedding, still re-adjusting to normal work days, wanted to make sure TDLers got to see my wedding video. You can watch the first half on Youtube, and for the next 30 days you can see the full ceremony here. Marilee does not want her vows on Youtube indefinitely, but she was […]

Real Exercise

 I was thinking today about the contrast between real and pseudo exercise. Specifically, that nearly all of what passes as exercise today is chaotic randomized pro–primitive/anti-technology erratic (mentally + physically) unpredictable Essentially it is a giant, messy, birds nest of ideas, slogans, and fallacies dressed up with good intentions and a few “certifications” — which […]

Overcoming Barriers to Romantic Love

  I discovered this lecture on Youtube yesterday. I had trouble believing I did not come across it sooner. After watching the talk beginning to end I published it under the creative commons license to The 21 Convention Youtube Channel. The content itself is first class. In video format, it is a true gem of […]