My Wedding Vows

Today is my 1 month wedding anniversary. Big day =D.

As promised,  my wedding vows. The bolded parts were not read, and were instead included to help give each section its own individual significance, as it was orated.

(I was concerned they would mentally “run together”, which I thought would then bleed over to my verbal communication of them).


In Opening

From the best within me, I declare absolute devotion to the following vows :


I vow to take joy in witnessing your existence every day, as much as I do my own.

I vow to earn your love, respect, and admiration each day – and to never deal in the unearned and undeserved.

I vow to live congruent to my deepest convictions; to always maintain my integrity, to never compromise on or sacrifice a higher value for a lower.

I vow to protect you, my self, and any family we may come to create together.

I vow to love, respect, and admire you until death, or life, do us…

Video of My Wedding

Haven’t blogged since pre-wedding, still re-adjusting to normal work days, wanted to make sure TDLers got to see my wedding video.

You can watch the first half on Youtube, and for the next 30 days you can see the full ceremony here. Marilee does not want her vows on Youtube indefinitely, but she was okay with publishing Greg’s portion permanently.

I agree with Greg that the institution of marriage is absolutely in the gutter, and as such, I believe keeping his officiation of our wedding online is vitally important, in the aim of helping marriage survive a deeply anti-romantic age.

Frankly, I’m not aware of anyone else in the world doing and publishing anything even remotely like this; but if you know of someone who is, please send them my way.

Due to Marilee’s wishes about her own vows, I will keep footage of mine offline as well, which I believe will help preserve the intimacy of both and therefore respect her desires. I will however post the text…

Real Exercise

 I was thinking today about the contrast between real and pseudo exercise. Specifically, that nearly all of what passes as exercise today is

  • chaotic
  • randomized
  • pro-primitive/anti-technology
  • erratic (mentally + physically)
  • unpredictable

Essentially it is a giant, messy, birds nest of ideas, slogans, and fallacies dressed up with good intentions and a few “certifications” — which are handed out by people who are also deaf, dumb, and blind when exercise enters the discussion.

In contrast, real exercise is a product of man’s mind, of reason, of reality, of civilization, and of freedom coexisting with the aforementioned. Primitive man started with nothing, was dirt poor, and starving half the time.

Looking to those early humans for reliable ideas or foundations for reality-based-ideas in the realm of exercise is absolutely ridiculous and reveals a complete ignorance of what exercise actually is as a matter of ontology.

Real exercise is the total inverse of the sorry excuse that passes as exercise today. It is

  • controlled
  • deliberate
  • advanced/pro-technology
  • consistent
  • highly predictable

It is nothing like the overflowing mess of injuries, production of future injuries, and wasted time that…

Overcoming Barriers to Romantic Love

I discovered this lecture on Youtube yesterday. I had trouble believing I did not come across it sooner. After watching the talk beginning to end I published it under the creative commons license to The 21 Convention Youtube Channel.

The content itself is first class. In video format, it is a true gem of a find, and a window to the past for someone of my age.

If you enjoyed my lecture on romantic love, this is an absolute must watch.


In the future, I may consider incorporating this lecture into 21 University. Specifically because if he were healthy enough to speak at The 21 Convention, this is a fine example of what that lecture might be.

I also had the opportunity to meet Nathaniel in his home last year.

In related news, Nathaniel’s former wife Barbara recently died (link).

The Lost Generation

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Photo Credit[/caption]

Greg Swann recently re-posted an article he had previously published on That article inspired this one. For the most part, I will be adding to what Greg wrote. I will not be addressing the entirety of the title “The Lost Generation”, a topic which I think could easily encompass an entire series of posts, a book, and so on.

The title was chosen because I believe it highlights larger effects of fundamental problems and errors that Greg identifies.

To begin, it is remarkable that Greg understands all of these problems to such a depth. Many adults his age in the united States probably have a dim sense that there are major problems with the “education system”. Or at least they’ve heard someone on TV say that. Greg however is both a brilliant thinker and has a thorough understanding of philosophy.

The depth and consistency of Greg’s understanding is then, in my judgement, likely superior to the writing of most authors on these topics –…