The Lost Generation

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Greg Swann recently re-posted an article he had previously published on That article inspired this one. For the most part, I will be adding to what Greg wrote. I will not be addressing the entirety of the title “The Lost Generation”, a topic which I think could easily encompass an entire series of posts, a book, and so on.

The title was chosen because I believe it highlights larger effects of fundamental problems and errors that Greg identifies.

To begin, it is remarkable that Greg understands all of these problems to such a depth. Many adults his age in the united States probably have a dim sense that there are major problems with the “education system”. Or at least they’ve heard someone on TV say that. Greg however is both a brilliant thinker and has a thorough understanding of philosophy.

The depth and consistency of Greg’s understanding is then, in my judgement, likely superior to the writing of most authors on these topics –…

New Blog – Dream’s Lounge

I started a new blog via It shares a similar name to this one, but is narrower in scope, less formal, and won’t be updated as frequently.

It’s purpose is to be an outlet for my writing that is recreational in nature as a primary. TDL has some of that, but frequently crosses over into my professional life, and in fact, supports it by proxy through discussion, links, advertising, new relationships, etc.

Dream’s Lounge won’t be that, and is in fact set to not be found via search engine. This is because I only want people to find it through my other work, or through someone who is already familiar with what I do and create otherwise.

Here are the first two articles :

Advance warning : if you are a fan of creation mythology, you probably won’t like the second article.

Also, I’m favorable to games from Nintendo (although there are plenty of excellent games outside of…

21 University +

21 University

21 University launched November 30th (read the welcome announcement). I am taking the time here to do an extended one way discussion of the concept with those of you who read TDL, and I think, have a deeper understanding of T21C. I plan to repeat this process in a more general way at, so the article you are reading here will not cover every single detail, just the extra awesome ones.

A. The 21 Convention is not

A picture of a hammer is not a hammer. The website is not the company, the event, or the concept. It is a specific expression of those entities. I think most people understand this, but it is still worth clarifying. In this context, 21 University is not a replacement for The 21 Convention. It is something entirely separate and unique.

B. There are more differences than meets the eye. functions in a rudimentary capacity compared to what does. So there are similarities. But there are probably…

An Introduction to the Psychology of Romantic Love

This is the presentation I gave at The 21 Convention 2012 of Melbourne Australia. It is an introduction to both the subject and the book by the same name, The Psychology of Romantic Love, written by Nathaniel Branden.

Nathaniel is Ayn Rand’s one time intellectual heir. Some objectivists today have a harsh disdain, even venom for Nathaniel. I don’t share this view. I think in the entire scope of human history, their disputes will be dwarfed by their contributions to the realm of ideas.

Which is what I care about as a primary in this context, whether or not the ideas Nathaniel presents in his various works correspond to reality, and then if they do, to what degree. While I have not read every single book and article written by Nathaniel, I am highly familiar with The Psychology of Romantic Love. My hope was to do the book justice in this presentation, even if only in an introductory manner. Now that it has been given…


The above video is a demonstration of negative emphasized pulldowns on the ARx Omni – different from negative only pulldowns I have blogged about previously.

Some commentary …

A) Negative focused work is pretty interesting to experience. Partly because of the fact that it is a novelty in itself, in that most equipment is not supportive of negative training. In contrast however, the ARX Omni is completely supportive of eccentric focused exercise — should the user desire to perform it.

Another aspect that makes negative focused exercise interesting though is the nature of how it affects the trainee. The potential for micro-trauma in the skeletal muscle is enormous, and yet as I understand it — and have experienced first hand — the immediate demand on the cardiovascular system is low. Disproportionally low even, in the context of all available methods of exercise.

B) “Failure” has little meaning in negative focused training. One has to determine another stopping point for the set instead.

C) I initially performed negative…