An Introduction to the Psychology of Romantic Love

This is the presentation I gave at The 21 Convention 2012 of Melbourne Australia. It is an introduction to both the subject and the book by the same name, The Psychology of Romantic Love, written by Nathaniel Branden.

Nathaniel is Ayn Rand’s one time intellectual heir. Some objectivists today have a harsh disdain, even venom for Nathaniel. I don’t share this view. I think in the entire scope of human history, their disputes will be dwarfed by their contributions to the realm of ideas.

Which is what I care about as a primary in this context, whether or not the ideas Nathaniel presents in his various works correspond to reality, and then if they do, to what degree. While I have not read every single book and article written by Nathaniel, I am highly familiar with The Psychology of Romantic Love. My hope was to do the book justice in this presentation, even if only in an introductory manner. Now that it has been given…


The above video is a demonstration of negative emphasized pulldowns on the ARx Omni – different from negative only pulldowns I have blogged about previously.

Some commentary …

A) Negative focused work is pretty interesting to experience. Partly because of the fact that it is a novelty in itself, in that most equipment is not supportive of negative training. In contrast however, the ARX Omni is completely supportive of eccentric focused exercise — should the user desire to perform it.

Another aspect that makes negative focused exercise interesting though is the nature of how it affects the trainee. The potential for micro-trauma in the skeletal muscle is enormous, and yet as I understand it — and have experienced first hand — the immediate demand on the cardiovascular system is low. Disproportionally low even, in the context of all available methods of exercise.

B) “Failure” has little meaning in negative focused training. One has to determine another stopping point for the set instead.

C) I initially performed negative…

The 21 Convention 2014 & Beyond

Greetings, Anthony Dream Johnson here today, founder and CEO of The 21 Convention.

I have a series of announcements to share today that I think everyone will enjoy, so have a seat, get comfortable, and read on as soon as you’re ready.


The Brief

This newsletter contains a series of announcements, from the general and simple, to the detailed and insanely awesome.

To begin, has moved digital homes to a new, better host.

If you haven’t visited the main site recently, everything should feel just a bit smoother and faster. The website has also undergone some minor navigation and interface changes that you can experience for yourself while visiting.


The New Store

First, you can visit the old store here. Everything works as it has for months and years now, including all of your past purchases. Everything will continue to work until January 15th 2014, at which point, the old store will be permanently retired.

If you’ve purchased content there, please be sure to back it…

New Wedding Website

The getting married post was a big hit, and now to follow it, Marilee and I present (Cutting edge title, I know).

The website is temporary in that I’ll probably host it for only the next year, as it is designed to celebrate/share the wedding itself.

Right now it has the final event date, February 2nd 2014. [We also have the venue setup but the address is only going out to those who RSVP to written invitations].

In addition, the site has a pre-wedding photo album, a short history of our relationship, and the all important gift registry.

Also on the gift registry page is a special donation button to contribute to funding our wedding. We’re finding creative ways to keep the costs down, and have been more successful than I anticipated; enough to warrant a post on the subject when all is said and done.

Even so the wedding is — no matter how contextually “low” — a massive expense for us as…

Im Getting Married

In early April of 2013 I decided to marry my girlfriend. Due to the size and scope of the decision, I also decided to sit on it for a few months, let it simmer, and see how I felt about it down the road.

July 29th, I pulled the trigger.

I decided to remain standing (instead of the traditional “getting on one knee”), because man does not belong on his knees. Not now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, not ever.

Kneeling also seemed like an absolutely terrible way to begin such a specific and unique relationship; a commitment between two independent, complimentary equals. Equals meet on equal ground.

So, to hell with that tradition.

After literally falling on the floor, and then a brief discussion, she said yes. Although on hindsight, collapsing to the floor was the true “yes” moment.


Long time readers might be scratching their heads at this point : why is Anthony getting married? Aren’t I against “those things”?

Actually, no.

I have no objections to marriage in and…