Taking the Next Step

I wrote a post, a while back, on college, life, work, and beyond. I was “brutally honest”, and in return, the comments/discussion were honest, and invigorating as well. It felt great to open up, and see that type of response. I think it says a lot on both ends of the spectrum. In any case, […]

The Quest for Nutritional Truth: Why I Eat the Way I Eat

At this point, I’ve tried writing this post over half a dozen times. I’ve promised it for so long, I’ve decided to finally hammer it out, no matter the cost. I feel good though. My head is clear, and I’ve done enough writing lately that I feel I can organize my thoughts clearly, logically, and […]

Interview With Bill De Simone: Author of Moment Arm Exercise

Bill De Simone is the author of Moment Arm Exercise, a revolutionary book on the often overlooked bio-mechanics of exercise. I read the book many months ago, have applied my own personal understanding of the concepts, and have reaped results from those actions. I believe what Bill offers not only increases the safety of the […]

An In Depth Review of: The Primal Blueprint by Mark Sisson

Free 2 hour video by Primal Blueprint author Mark Sisson. Click to watch in HD.   Begin official Primal Blueprint review.     I’d like to kick start this review of The Primal Blueprint by saying that there was a feeling of relief upon completing it. The practical information and understanding Mark Sisson has compiled into this book is […]

Remembering Curtis Noll

It’s been exactly one year since Curtis Noll died, at 22 years old of a rare type of cancer. Who was Curtis Noll? For one, my best friend. We had our differences at times- ever since an old friend Nick Howard introduced us, and Curtis decided to spin out in his Mustang down a dirt […]