RenEx™ Gone Wild | Segment A : Who the heck actually used ARX equipment?

This article is not endorsed or sponsored by Renaissance Exercise™ or anyone acting on their behalf.

All written content here in is the sole responsibility of Anthony Johnson, and is in no way associated with any organization, including but not limited to those in which Anthony plays a leadership role.

In their recent “Dumpers” series, Renaissance Exercise™ published a critique of ARX/CZT exercise equipment¹.

Chronologically speaking, I am personally at the forefront of that critique.

Interesting choice in itself due to the failed-to-be-mentioned fact, that in no capacity whatsoever, do I officially represent ARX Fit (a fact I often repeat in my video blogs).

I’ll set the tone of this “Gone Wild” series of posts by building off of this fact and stating plainly :

To begin a critique of a competitor’s equipment, with a person in my (completely unaffiliated) position and not mention this crucial fact, is at best, suspicious, and at worst malicious.

RenEx™, notorious for censoring dissenting comments on their website, have by my best judgement, made complete fools of themselves in their criticism of ARX/CZT exercise equipment,  hereafter referred to as “ARX” equipment.

As far as I am aware and understand, Joshua Trentine, RenEx™ associate at the forefront of their team, and acting on behalf of RenEx™, is the person primarily responsible for this half-ass catastrophe of an article, posing as a legitimate criticism.

I am convinced that through RenEx™, and especially but not only in the sum total of the subject article, Joshua has produced work that is by my judgement,

  • sloppy
  • over-aggressive
  • vague
  • unethical
  • reductionist
  • grossly incomplete
  • borderline illegal (mis-use of the fair-use doctrine)
  • elitist (a word I usually detest)

For a company that claims to value intellectual precision, accuracy, honesty, integrity, and reality, this level of work and behavior is beyond unacceptable : it is abhorrent, and Joshua should be ashamed of himself.

Should be ashamed of himself personally, as well as on behalf of the damage he has inflicted upon the reputation of Renaissance Exercise™’ : as a pioneer and leader in the world of high intensity exercise.

As it stands, no one at RenEx™ seems willing or even interested in putting “15 year old boy in a 30 something’s body”, Joshua Trentine, in his place, never mind correcting the remaining flaws in their general criticism of ARX equipment, which is lacking any real substance, and is at best, elementary, if not downright primitive.

As a person in a position to dismantle the nonsense espoused by Joshua Trentine openly and without holding back, I feel no sense of obligation to do so, as some might think.

To the contrary, I am going to write this series of “Gone Wild” articles because the general topic personally interests me, and because I believe ARX equipment is fundamentally and categorically superior to all gravity based exercise equipment : including the best, and including RenEx™ equipment (which I will leave you the reader to place into the former category, or not, of gravity based exercise equipment).

As a direct consequence, ARX equipment deserves a proper defense from cheap-shot/low-ball critiques like the one Joshua Trentine has produced through Renaissance Exercise™ in this (specific) case — which, due to his actions and position, carries a false credibility via his association with Renaissance Exercise™, and men like Ken Hutchins/Drew Baye.

Authority comes from truth.

Truth does not, cannot, should not, and will never come from authority.

Joshua is in need of a lesson on this subject, and it’s time he was given his lesson.

The first order of business in this series is as the title states : who the heck actually used ARX equipment in the first place?

Unlike many other segments of the RenEx™ “Dumpers” series, we — typical readers of their website — are left wondering who even wrote this article*, let alone who has direct experience and first hand, self-generated knowledge of ARX equipment (any models, never mind specific, up-to-date, subject models).

*However it is clear that the ARX segment of the Dumpers series was digitally published under Joshua’s WordPress administrator account, of which the significance is unclear, and cannot be discerned by any website visitor who does not have administrative access to their website.

Why is it important that we know who used ARX equipment?

Because the very first sentence of their criticism is [direct quote]

[Several members of our team have personal experience with these products.]

Given the “apocalypse level” hype that was built for the ARX segment of the “Dumpers” series — promoted among other places, right here on The Dream Lounge (1, 2, 3) — one would think that if this statement were true in the sense that it actually meant a damn thing, the statemente would be openly and clearly supported.

Supported with names, specific events, and *details* that typically follow REAL events (and that are elusive to and approximate for events that never fucking happened).


It is of critical importance to note here that ~72 hours after the ARX segment of the Dumper series was published, the next segment was published, criticizing Exerbotics™ equipment.

That article, with five clearly attributed authors, begins with a similar statement in the  exact same location as the ARX segment (the very first sentence).

Here is the direct quote¹, see if you can spot the glaring and enormous difference in specificity :

Begin quote : On January 11, 2012, the team traveled to Evansville, Indiana to experience the Exerbotics™.

For the purpose of making this section as explicit as possible :

  • “Several members” (impossible to discern how many beyond two) was replaced with “the team” (we could reasonably assume this means the entire team, or a majority)
  • No location was replaced with a specific city and State
  • No date(s) was replaced with a specific month, day, and year.
  • “Personal experience” (vague) was replaced with “traveled … to experience the Exerbotics”
  • “these products” (vague) was replaced with “the Exerbotics” (specific)

The rest of the article provides truly intimate details of their total experience with Exerbotics™ equipment, including physical injury¹ by RenEx™ associate Al Coleman².


As you can clearly see¹ in their ARX equipment article, not a single detail was provided at the time the post was published (or since) to support the claimed “personal experience” that “several” members of their team, as we have been lead to believe, posses a meaningful amount of — enough to begin an entire critique with.

Now, of course, Drew Baye who is currently employed by RenEx™ — and may in fact have contributed to the subject article — is familiar with ARX equipment. In fact, he’s the person who personally introduced me to the equipment the very first time we met in the Spring of 2009 (video).

Here’s what Drew said December 11th 2011².

Drew Baye
December 11, 2011 | 11:42 am


This is something I can’t comment on at the moment and the RenEx people have their own timeline for releasing material about their machines. Also consider I have only worked with a prototype ARX machine and not the final versions, and I have only tried a few of the RenEx machines and have not worked out on them consistently for a period of time so any comparison would be incomplete.

While it is possible that additional experience by Drew on ARX equipment occurred between the time of that comment (12-11-11) and the time of the subject web post by RenEx™ (06-25-12), I find it extremely unlikely that it would have escaped my knowledge, given the logistical/geographical/expense barrier between Drew Baye and ARX equipment, my personal relationships and frequent correspondence with  both Drew Baye and Mark Alexander (President of ARX Fit).

Anyone with knowledge to the contrary is free to confirm or deny additional experience, and I will be happy to modify this post accordingly.

Moving on, Drew Baye clearly admits here that “any comparison would be incomplete” [by him], given his direct, yet limited experience with [early prototype] ARX equipment.

Assuming all of the above is accurate and true, this would eliminate Drew Baye as legitimate ammunition backing up the very first sentence of the subject RenEx™ article that is critical of ARX Fit exercise equipment.

According to the explicitly listed associates on their website³, this leaves the following individuals to support that bold, and quite literally, starting claim.

  • Joshua Trentine
  • Ken Hutchins
  • Jeffrey Tomaszewski
  • Al Coleman
  • Gus Diamantopoulos

I’m going stand on one leg here and take a “scientific” wild ass guess [SWAG] that none of these individuals have used current ARX exercise equipment models, that they have criticized in sum total, so sharply through Renaissance Exercise™.

One can only wonder if any of them even got to use early prototype models like Drew did — which again, according to RenEx™ associate Drew Baye, would not even support a complete comparison, let alone sloppy, non-specific criticism (which by any rational set of standards, would require even tougher restrictions on quality of experience, if it is to be considered as valid and legitimate experience for critical purposes).

If I am wrong and any of these individuals have used ARX equipment, they are free to provide *evidence* to the contrary here on this web post.

In the meantime, we are left to conclude that no RenEx™ associates currently listed on their website have actually used ARX equipment, which runs contrary to what the average reader has been lead to believe by the very first group of words published in their “criticism” of ARX equipment.

Is it possible that other associates not listed on their website provided Joshua Trentine (and/or those responsible for the ARX Dumpers segment) with direct, introspective knowledge of current ARX exercise equipment?

Sure, it’s possible.

Now whoever you are (having remained anonymous up to this point in the midst of 80+ comments on the subject article, as published and permitted by Renaissance Exercise™), please step forward for all of us to see, because apparently you weren’t important enough to mention in the post, or list as a RenEx™ associate before the article was published (or even since).

However this leaves one to wonder : if you are not an official associate, or relatively new associate like Drew Baye, then how the hell are you a part of the concept “several members of our team” [direct quote].

I mean who is this guy : a ghost? The janitor at Overload Fitness™?

This leaves two distinct possibilities :

  1. Someone we can reasonably assume is unimportant to the RenEx™ “team”, provided the entire basis for the very first sentence of their article. An important enough statement to apparently start the entire “dumper” criticism off with.
  2. Joshua falsely expanded the importance of Drew Baye’s self-admitted limited experience on prototype equipment to be the basis for “several members of our team” having “personal experience” on ARX equipment.

Actually I might have my facts wrong here.

Either Drew Baye and the mysterious (minimum) second person have what a standard reader is lead to believe to be *meaningful experience* on current and subject to the criticism ARX equipment, or Drew Baye is now two persons in one, and his experience with the prototype equipment has been magically expanded to not only be adequate for comparison, but for criticism as well.

Last I met with Drew in early 2012, he was still one person, so we can reasonably cross that possibility out.

Drew’s experience has also been admitted as what we can deduce to be inadequate for comparative purposes, let alone critical purposes.

Basically leaving me, and any other person in my position as a website visitor and reader, to conclude that someone at RenEx™ is completely full of shit.

Joshua explains in the image below.


Hasta la vista reality indeed.


Adding fuel to the fire

Adding fuel to the fire, it has come to my attention that RenEx™ was sent a cease and desist notice for — among additional reasons — posting in the original version of their criticism that “numerous injuries have been reported on ARX/CZT equipment” (not a direct quote, but the essence of the sentence as I remember seeing it, and currently understand it).

No such injuries have ever been reported on ARX equipment, so far as I am aware.

Leading me to conclude that this also was “defcon 5 level bullshit” from an over-aggressive “15 year old in a 30 something’s body”, having a temper-tantrum over exercise equipment he was unable to debunk by  wishing it was inferior to equipment he is so heavily personally and psychologically invested in.

Per the cease and desist notice, that I can guarantee you would have been followed up, this false claim of injury aspect of the article was swiftly removed from the web.

But why remove a true statement?

You probably wouldn’t, and especially not so quickly and lightly.

You would only remove such a statement in such a timely manner if it wereto steal a phrase from Drew Baye himself, complete and utter bullshit.

(Which would mean RenEx™ was truly at risk of legal consequences if pursued by Mark Alexander/ARX Fit).


If Joshua Trentine on behalf of RenEx™ was willing to go so far as to make false claims consisting of physical injury on ARX/CZT equipment, I see no reason why he would not also make shit up in much safer and easier to “blur the lines” arenas like, oh, I don’t know … who on their team has actually even used the frikin equipment.

All available evidence at this point is effectively, and contrary to what readers have been lead to believe : no one.


This concludes my opinions of RenEx™ and Joshua Trentine in this segment of RenEx™ Gone Wild as it relates to the first sentence of their original criticism, as well as a false claim of “reported injuries”, which are further supported as a complete lie in their final Dumpers post.

A direct quote : [We predict an avalanche of injuries with the X-Force—as well as with the ARX and Exerbotics equipment.]  (source)



It seems Joshua has been doin a whole lot of “predictatin” and “approximatin” lately.

Apparently when you run RenEx™ you gain control over reality and can turn predictions of injury into reports of injury at the click of your keyboard and mouse.


Now, before this post officially closes, I will make a “prediction” of my own. The following image represents how Joshua will at first respond internally to this post.

He will follow this emotional reaction with either

  • A) personal attacks
  • B) “irrelevant” attacks (such as he did here when confronted with a breach of property rights)
  • C) a combination of the two
  • D) someone at RenEx™ will be persuasive and intelligent enough to restrain him from commenting here and further injuring the reputation of Renaissance Exercise

About Anthony Dream Johnson

CEO, founder, and architect of The 21 Convention, Anthony Dream Johnson is the leading force behind the world's first and only "panorama event for life on earth". He has been featured on WGN Chicago, and in the NY Times #1 best seller The Four Hour Work Week.    His stated purpose for the work he does is "the actualization of the ideal man", a purpose that has led him to found and host The 21 Convention across 3 continents and for 6 years in a row. Anthony blogs vigorously at and

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13 Responses to RenEx™ Gone Wild | Segment A : Who the heck actually used ARX equipment?

  1. Sophia July 8, 2012 at 10:10 pm #

    Poor thing….

  2. Geoff July 15, 2012 at 3:37 pm #

    “notorious for censoring dissenting comments”

    I was interested in your article, until I read the above quote…which is pure BS. Just read through the comments within the dumper series. There are multiple dissenting comments that are not censored. In fact, the RenEx team took the time to respond to these same comments.

    • Anthony Dream Johnson July 16, 2012 at 4:57 pm #

      I believe one of my own comments there was censored.

      That was after having this aspect of RenEx commented upon to me, on multiple occasions, by private e-mail.

      Which was after seeing this aspect of RenEx commented upon, via the HITP Yahoo group … over a year ago, if my memory is correct.

      So there are a number of sources I have had access to that support that statement, including but not limited to direct (yet limited) experience. I will also cede that my direct experience could have been an accident and may not have been intentional on their part (it has not happened since so there is no pattern of it happening).

  3. Will July 27, 2012 at 2:53 pm #


    so, now you concede that your “notorious for censoring dissenting comments” was, at best, a gross exaggeration and, at worst, a deliberate misrepresentation of the facts as you know them? wow… I’ll concede that RenEx’s “Dumpers” series is simply a collection of one overblown statement after another – articulated via an unnecessarily hostile and condescending tone (i.e., to even suggest this passes for ‘scientific analysis’ is laughable). But, that said, I don’t see how this opening post advances the quality of the discourse.

    • Anthony Dream Johnson July 29, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

      No I don’t concede the comment in principle. The word notorious was a poor choice though.

      When you censor comments consistently, it’s difficult to become truly “notorious” for it, by the nature of the act itself.

      So, am I convinced it is a consistent theme at RenEx?


      You seem to be implying it’s a “stretch” of the imagination when faced with the behavior you yourself pointed out of them.

      Do you seriously believe these people are going to produce a shit-show post series on competitor’s equipment with “one overblown statement after another”, and *not* censor dissenting comments?

      Stop kidding yourself. There is something seriously and fundamentally awry at RenEx.

      • Will July 30, 2012 at 9:58 pm #


        Looking back at the “Dumpers” series as a whole, and especially the essay devoted to ARX, I’ll admit that if I were you, I’d be pissed – both the tone and the style are rather weird I don’t have a dog in this fight, but I certainly don’t find their series a very impressive display of critical analysis – indeed, it strikes me as the opposite of thoughtful analysis. So it goes. Will

  4. JOSHUA TRENTINE October 31, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    LOL…You sure you want to keep talking?

    btw nice physique and great machine 🙂

  5. Matt October 4, 2013 at 5:49 am #

    I used the ARX machine in London yesterday (basic model)
    It was a great experience. Very intense, challenging and the negative is fantastic.
    I haven’t used RenEx, but have some experience with MedX.
    MedX is designed brilliantly and is a pleasure to use.

    It seems a shame that there is some disagreement here, but after 10 years of using various strength equipment, both brands provide a fantastic opportunity for people to train intensely and safely. I would love to own both.

    • Donnie Hunt October 10, 2013 at 2:45 pm #

      I have not used any of the machines you mention here Matt, but I get where you’re coming from. I have read some others views on motorized equipment that in turn have made me think. I just find all this very interesting.

  6. Zaz Zaz March 25, 2015 at 1:08 pm #

    ARX takes things to the next level, conditional only on the user’s effort. Anyone who tries it immediately bypasses the BS. If Josh really tried ARX, he’d attack’d even *harder*, as he’d realize an imminent threat to his older tech. RenEx consistently undermines itself with “my way or the highway”, policies. They never seemed to care about sales. Lately, they don’t care about getting the word out. (Where’s Ken’s Volume II?) Almost seems that Josh was put in place by competitors to make RenEx fail.

  7. Zaz Zaz April 7, 2015 at 1:13 pm #

    PS: It’s my understanding that Drew’s quite happy with his experience using the ARX, & intends on obtaining an ARX Omni for his home gym.

  8. zaz zaz June 10, 2015 at 11:26 am #

    I’m now well on my way with ARX, after a few years doing SuperSlow on all MedX. Already, my knees are in better shape than ever. Even my FEET are stronger! Stair climbing has become a breeze. Although my waist is the same size, I’ve had to buy bigger pants to fit my legs & ass. All this from 6 minutes of exercise, every other week!


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