Hangin with Mr. Cooper… and Spotting Female Psychopaths


Recently I had Richard Cooper from Entrepreneurs in Cars live on 21 Radio. Richard’s own YouTube channel is blowing up, and he is also a confirmed speaker for The 21 Convention 2017 Ten Year Anniversary.

This was his first introduction on our channel so we covered a wide range of topics. From the red pill to porn and beyond.

Right after the show however, Richard and I got to talking about crazy women. I mentioned my infamous Medusa talk (also on Vid.me) and sent the link over.

Before I knew it we were on an identical live stream, this time to Richard’s channel. The subject matter revolves around cluster B women and my experience with Medusa. This was only my second time talking about the experience on an interview, after the speech.


Between Richard and the 500+ live viewers with questions, I had a blast being on his channel, and am happy to see the content hitting hard with his audience. Cluster B awareness is low in the general population, and content like this helps shift that awareness in the right direction.

There were a ton of live questions, many I didn’t even get to read, never mind answer live. I saved them after the show and will respond to a few more here.

PM60515 so ​how high do tattoos rank on the psycho bitch checklist???

Assuming the viewer meant “psychopath”, tattoos are an unreliable benchmark.

If anything, they are a sort of reverse green flag in women, in that they are not actively trying to conceal their damage. In fact they are wearing it on their sleeve. They are showing you who they are. Literally, visually.

Medusa had zero tattoos. Which as I mention in the stream, is stunning, given her – we can safely assume – triple digit lay count. Most women who reach 100+ sexual partners will not make it to that finish line without at least a few, even if out of sight.

I believe this was a cross-pollinated symptom of ASPD and NPD. Absolute obsession with appearances and a deep, fundamental, almost religious devotion to concealment.

Tattoos say bad girl/party chick/daddy issues, not ASPD in women.

Male psychopaths might be a different story. The sexes are fundamentally different…

PMBuddy’s Insight​  What is she doing now?

Like a good cluster B, she is repeating the exact same process.

Idealization and grooming —> devaluation —> discard —> repeat

She re-married in November of 2016 to one of the adultery partners from South America. It appeared to be in a church. It may or may not have been legally sanctioned. I would assume she is still engaging in various criminal activity, including escorting. At what frequency I don’t know. They were married exactly 1 year after meeting to my knowledge.

She made short work of this guy. I assume the speed has to do with severe abandonment issues, and wanting to save what’s left of her appearance with her blood family after being outed as a serial adulterer and life long prostitute.

PMLILIANA SURIEL​ so he has been banging a bunch of girls… doesn’t that make you just like her promiscuous????

Yes, I’ve been slaying more pussy than ever since Medusa. While I was with Medusa, I maintained awareness that it could end at any moment. That didn’t hold significant emotional impact until the final few weeks of the relationship when I became suspicious and her behavior started getting openly screwy, but it was there intellectually the entire time.

And I’m happy it was, as this is red pill 101 – something correct from my purple pill days.

During those years with her I also suspected that if and when I was ever single again, I would absolutely crush it, much better than in my late teens and early 20s. Reality has (mostly) fit this prediction.

I suspect due to…

1) copious amounts of sex had with Medusa leading to increased sexual confidence

2) surviving the adversity of being in and then ending the relationship with Medusa


3) simply being older

Now when I approach a 21 year old, I’m not the same age or a year older, I’m over half a decade older.

As for being “promiscuous”, this is a total distortion of the facts and argument.

A) men and women are different.

Namely, men build value, women need to preserve it. Chastity in women is valued for pair bonding, breeding, and disease purposes, etc.

B) Medusa is an ultra-hyper-slut. She didn’t just ride the cock carousel, she snuck into the theme park after hours, and rode it all night long, until the sun came up. And she did a ton of this raw to my knowledge.

More importantly, she has committed absolutely rampant infidelity her entire life, and adultery in some cases.

I’ve never cheated in my life, and have never knowingly enabled a woman to cheat using my dick. I’ve turned down 4am pussy as recently as 2016, specifically because I refused to help a woman cheat on her boyfriend.

I have no interest in enabling relationship abuse, or helping a woman’s sexual strategy win out. Not with my genetic material anyway. Go fuck some loser without a moral spine and spread your misery elsewhere.

Robert Dore​It’s a miracle that there isn’t a population decrease given that there are so many womenlike this:-) Frightening stuff. My question is; has this ruined your view relationships permanently?

No, my views on relationships are not ruined. The experience did however help speed up swallowing the red pill, and review the total sum of my experiences with women throughout my life.

There are some interesting viewer comments on the published YouTube video (different from the live chat, which is no longer available on YouTube). I responded to many on YouTube in the comments section. In the future I may elaborate on some more interesting ones here.

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3 Responses to Hangin with Mr. Cooper… and Spotting Female Psychopaths

  1. BK June 8, 2017 at 3:21 pm #

    Really liked the interview with Richard, and one line really stood out. I’d always known that bartenders, hostesses, car show girls and the like were a bit crazy/trouble, but you distilled it down perfectly, (paraphrasing) ‘to beware these are women as they are used to trading SMV for money, and thus low in loyalty’. Keep up the good work

    • Anthony Dream Johnson June 8, 2017 at 6:25 pm #

      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it, and will do. Shit tons of good content to come.

  2. Christopher Boice September 7, 2017 at 3:55 pm #

    Just watched the Madusa video, absolutely enjoyed it. Just went through my relationship with my first sociopath and I actually believe psychopath after also recently having read Psychopath Free in 5 days. Unbelievable how that book also almost exactly outlined my relationship also. Your video helped me heal all the way knowing similar experiences exist with someone like me. Thanks Anthony…..Chris in FL

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