An Introduction to the Psychology of Romantic Love

This is the presentation I gave at The 21 Convention 2012 of Melbourne Australia. It is an introduction to both the subject and the book by the same name, The Psychology of Romantic Love, written by Nathaniel Branden.

Nathaniel is Ayn Rand’s one time intellectual heir. Some objectivists today have a harsh disdain, even venom for Nathaniel. I don’t share this view. I think in the entire scope of human history, their disputes will be dwarfed by their contributions to the realm of ideas.

Which is what I care about as a primary in this context, whether or not the ideas Nathaniel presents in his various works correspond to reality, and then if they do, to what degree. While I have not read every single book and article written by Nathaniel, I am highly familiar with The Psychology of Romantic Love. My hope was to do the book justice in this presentation, even if only in an introductory manner. Now that it has been given and published, I believe I have, and am happy with the result.

In particular, I’m glad I was able to introduce this book and concept to a new generation of viewers. Discussion of romantic love otherwise today is typically horrible, openly irrational, mocking, or some combination of the three. This speech is in diametric opposition to all of those views.


Shortly after this presentation was given my fiancee and I were able to meet with Nathaniel in his California home for a few hours. I’m really happy that I pushed for the meeting and was financially able to make the trip.

It would be accurate to say that going to school so close to Nautilus inventor Arthur Jones in Central Florida and not even attempting to meet him, due to being ignorant of who he was until some time later, is a potent motivator to get out and meet individuals who have accomplished much, but are near death (in some form, whether illness, or simply old age and increased risk of complications).

Nathaniel is not a young man or physically well. The day is coming when the opportunity to meet and speak with Nathaniel Branden is gone forever.

Regarding romantic love itself, if anyone has challenges to the presentation, this would be the best place to discuss those points. Little doubt not everyone agrees with every bit of what I said.

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3 Responses to An Introduction to the Psychology of Romantic Love

  1. Chris December 29, 2013 at 9:37 am #

    Anthony, I’m just getting familiar with your work. I saw a presentation of the paleo diet that you made under the 21 convention name on youtube. Some of the ideas that you discussed I am well aware about. However, one fact got me interested and that is: “body by science”

    I saw you eagerly recommended that book and since I’m really interested in the subject of body wellbeing I think I want to put it on my crowded reading list. Tell me Anthony, is it biochemistry related (very scientifically) or is it just for the general public?


    • Anthony Dream Johnson December 30, 2013 at 11:25 am #

      Almost anyone can read BBS and understand the entire book. From high school students to 20+ year general surgeons.


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