Ron Paul Mentioned at The 21 Convention

An excerpt from “The History and Future of Money” by Gary Korolev.

I will add to what Gary said and state that its not so much the power to tax that is the problem, its associating “tax” with violent force. Taxes could very easily be made voluntary or fee based, with a loss of services for not paying. A business for example that did not wish to charge its customers a State sales tax, could lose an appropriate degree of ability to enforce their contracts with customers and other businesses in State court.

Make as many agreements as you want, if you don’t want to pay sales tax, they are only enforceable to X degree without paying huge fees. Charge and pay sales tax, and they are enforceable with no or minimal fees involved.

While this would have to be ironed out in great detail, it is an enormous step in the right direction.


Because no government in the American States was granted the authority to put a gun to your head and pull the trigger, unless and until you enacted force against another human being first, committed fraud, violated property rights, etc.

Detach violent force from “tax” and our government is WINNING.

— Anthony Dream Johnson

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