Skyler Tanner on Mobility


Cool little video that I think deserves more attention.

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  1. Joe A September 26, 2011 at 5:27 pm #

    Very nice. One of the dumb things about “HIT” is a perpetuated misunderstanding about the value of things not called strength training.

    Theoretically, a normal, healthy person may not need stretching or other modalities. However, practically, as a trainer I simply don’t come across persons without some pathology, debility, acute or chronic injury/pain, some limitation, etc, etc. A good trainer should recommend not only adaptive/corrective exercise, but supporting modalities. I’d be cautious of any trainer that shuns stretching/mobility training (on principle), massage and SMR (foam rolling) or that simply is unaware of them. For many people these are a must for mobility and pain management.

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