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21,000 Hours and Other Musings

It’s been a while since I updated my blog, and I hate that, because I love The Dream Lounge so much. I’ve been busy no doubt, transforming a business of my youth into a business of the future. Which inspired the title of this I’m not dead/here’s what I’ve been up to post. Specifically, I […]

Three on the Way

I mentioned a while back that there were three documentary-style interviews on the way from 21C. Previews are up of all three that I wanted to share today for those who have not seen them yet. James Marshall preview James Steele II preview Greg Swann preview (check the comments) These are costly to produce so they […]

Relationship Building in the Earthquake Landscape of Post-Feminist Culture

Download the complete anthology. The Socrates Anthology just went live on Vimeo Video on Demand. The anthology includes all video content of Socrates as produced by The 21 Convention. – The Relationship Talk Your Father Never Gave You (58 mins) – Intimate Relationships : A Contrarian Guide (92 mins) – Socrates The Documentary (63 mins) […]

The 21 Convention Documentary Channel

For empire-building/world-domination reasons of my own, I have created a small network of Youtube channels. Chief among the new additions is a secondary channel for The 21 Convention (click here to subscribe) . It’s currently called “The 21 Convention Documentary” because I plan to publish, for the time being, strictly content from the ongoing documentary […]

A Proud Moment

In spite of my efforts to explicitly state the contrary, I suspect many people are still confused as to why I run The 21 Convention (and why it is run in the manner it is). They see the institution help so many people, to such a high degree, that it becomes easy to conclude that […]