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Three on the Way

I mentioned a while back that there were three documentary-style interviews on the way from 21C. Previews are up of all three that I wanted to share today for those who have not seen them yet.

These are costly to produce so they are very dear and important to me. I think they are also the best product T21C publishes. Especially with regards to the content itself. Getting a 21C speaker to speak candidly with a small, intimate audience is like nothing else.

All three will release this year. James and James S sooner than Greg, who was filmed last of the three. Greg’s is also very unique though, in that, it is incredibly extensive and in depth. The longest we’ve ever filmed by a significant margin.

The great and honorable Socrates was also present to assist interviewing Greg [filmed in Soc’s own house no less!]; an aspect found in no…

Relationship Building in the Earthquake Landscape of Post-Feminist Culture

Download now!

Download the complete anthology.

The Socrates Anthology just went live on Vimeo Video on Demand. The anthology includes all video content of Socrates as produced by The 21 Convention.

– The Relationship Talk Your Father Never Gave You (58 mins)
– Intimate Relationships : A Contrarian Guide (92 mins)
– Socrates The Documentary (63 mins)
– Socrates Florida T21C interview
– Socrates Texas T21C interview

Buy it all separately, $11. Buy it all together, $6. Or you can just get the new talk for $5. Your choice.

All of the videos can be streamed in HD for 1 year, 100% advertisement free. Vimeo works well with most tablet and mobile devices as well (just download the app). Vimeo even works on your Xbox 360 =).

New content is rolling out daily via Vimeo VOD. You can also download …

Doug and James also come…

The 21 Convention Documentary Channel

For empire-building/world-domination reasons of my own, I have created a small network of Youtube channels. Chief among the new additions is a secondary channel for The 21 Convention (click here to subscribe) . It’s currently called “The 21 Convention Documentary” because I plan to publish, for the time being, strictly content from the ongoing documentary series.

In particular, the channel is going to be home to small “libraries” pertaining to each interview. What these will look like are 40-50 video playlists for each interview. Here is the Socrates interview library.

Why so many videos, and what could they be of anyway?

It’s simple. Each individual segment of the interview has been cut out and uploaded as it’s own video. Well mostly. Currently there are 36 clips on that playlist (released once daily), but there are another half a dozen videos to produce for Sock’s library to be complete.

This might sound redundant at first, but there is a method to the madness, and independent of that, I think…

A Proud Moment

the best

In spite of my efforts to explicitly state the contrary, I suspect many people are still confused as to why I run The 21 Convention (and why it is run in the manner it is). They see the institution help so many people, to such a high degree, that it becomes easy to conclude that the reason I operate it is to do, said helping.

The reason I get out of bed in the morning and run the organization however, has little to nothing to do with helping people. That is a consequence of what I do, and of the way I do it. It has no direct relevance to the purpose of my existence, or to the exercise of my productive effort.

To even state some sort of indirect or distant connection, is by my judgement, a stretch of the imagination, and perhaps in some cases, a confession of a person’s own psycho-ethical conflicts for the work they do.

I wake up and live my life…

[Photos] The 21 Convention 2012 (Austin)

With over 21 of the world’s best speakers, The 21 Convention 2012 of Austin Texas kicked off August 17th-19th at the downtown Austin Marriott Hotel.

Select pictures can be viewed below.

Over 250 additional photos can also be seen in the official web albums.

Links to each speaker’s website are also posted at the bottom of this web post.

Behind the scenes interviews will be released soon, followed by the full length HD presentations The 21 Convention is known for, later this year.

Left click on any image below to open it in high resolution.

Nick Sparks