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Stop Chasing Women Video Blog

  Thanks in part to Caleb Wojcik I’ve started a new series of video blogs. Caleb’s advice helped me select, create, light, stage the background, audio record, and film. I can’t say I’m following his tips perfectly, but there’s no question that his ideas have helped immensely with my video blogging setup. For those curious, […]

Just Like I Said, Don’t Chase

Morgan Freeman gets it. Don’t chase. It’s that simple, even if it’s not always easy. This truly is “the secret” to picking up women. Secret as in the most effective behavioral change you will *ever* make. Ever, ever, ever. And what does it mean on a deeper level? As you might have guessed, it’s a re-focusing on […]

Stop Chasing

Below are two comments from a reader and my responses. The picture above is included primarily because it very clearly expresses what I have been saying over multiple posts now : stop chasing. The second comment set has more to do with chasing than the first comment set, but both should prove insightful. From Random […]

The Real Secret to Picking up Women

Unless it’s content directly from The 21 Convention, I don’t post much anymore about male/female relationships. The things I do post, and think about, are much higher level concepts. Stuff like the psychological significance of accepted meta-physical and epistemological basic premises in the context of a heterosexual mature romantic love relationship between two individuals of relatively high […]