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The Best in the World

This post is a tribute to the best in the world — by my judgement. The best medical doctor in the world. Doug McGuff Runner Up: Michael Eades, Kurt Harris The best health blogger in the world. Mark Sisson The best blog in the world with a lower back focus. James Steele II The best […]

Leg Press vs Squat: The Spine Explored

  I used to squat. Not anymore. Check out my interview with Bill here and the follow up on Conditioning Research. There is also a very old interview with Bill from none other than Doug McGuff MD here.

Great Men of Our Time

It’s been said that there are three types of men in this world – men who wish to rule over others, men who seek to obey, and men who pursue freedom, independence, and their own visions and dreams with unmeasurable vigor. The third type of man – the passionate men who shape the world we […]