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A Goodbye to Nathaniel Branden

Nathaniel Branden died December 3rd 2014. The picture above features Nathaniel, myself, and my now wife (then girlfriend) at his home in California, December 2012. Nathaniel was a personal hero of mine. He is featured on the header of Declarationism.com for his contributions in psychology and political philosophy (specifically their connection). My wife and I spent an […]

Video of My Wedding

  Haven’t blogged since pre-wedding, still re-adjusting to normal work days, wanted to make sure TDLers got to see my wedding video. You can watch the first half on Youtube, and for the next 30 days you can see the full ceremony here. Marilee does not want her vows on Youtube indefinitely, but she was […]

The Value of Art in Man’s Life

… Only an arrested modern mentality would go on protesting that the events portrayed in a thriller are incredible or improbable, that there are no heroes, that “life is not like that” — all of which is thoroughly irrelevant. Nobody takes thrillers literally, nor cares about their specific events, nor harbors any frustrated desire to […]

The What vs. The Why

  This is a great video that just came out from Paleo FX. I think it’s worth sharing because I suspect this attitude is more common that most would believe. It’s not just prevalent in paleo-land, it’s in every domain of significance. And why is that? By my judgement it is primarily due to something called […]

Nobody Can Give You Self-Esteem

  A few months ago someone requested this section of Yaron’s full London speech be made into an individual video. Well, wish come true. It’s an excellent part of the talk.