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T21C Fan Drops 31 Lbs, Improves Health, Changes Life

24 years.

That’s how long it took me to get my shit together, health-wise. I’m still working on the other parts of my life but I feel like I’ve finally got my health under control.

I’ve always been a chubby kid, even in high school when I was a star lacrosse player, I was never really a great athlete. But I was active enough that I could get by with eating complete garbage every day.

I look at my photos from my junior and senior year in high school and you can tell I gained about 10-15lbs. Once I hit college and stopped playing sports I really took off. I went from being 5’8″ and 190lbs, steadily climbing until I just recently hit my highest weight ever of 270.

As with most gradual changes, I never really noticed it. I knew I was getting bigger and buying bigger clothes, but hell, there was nothing I could do.

I got serious about my health two years ago and started…

20 Pages of Notes on Dr. McGuff’s Speech

Tim Horine from http://www.menspsychology.com/ wrote 20 pages of notes on Dr. McGuff’s speech. They are below as was sent to me (which is raw and not edited for grammar/spelling). I’m assuming they are pretty awesome regardless. Cheers. Oh, and here is the speech if you haven’t seen it yet.


T21C Day 3 July 25th 2010: Doug McGuff


“Doug is one of the wisest men of our time, and so underappreciated and undervalued, its almost indescribable.” – Anthony Dream Johnson.


Doug did HIT 3 times/week during college, medschool, upper 30s


1) have the opportunity to hear it

2) to actually have listened to it

it would have been amazing how much Doug’s Life would have progressed.


Arthur Jones Nautilus HIT training camp, but it was 15-20 different movements, 3 days/week through college, medschool, residency, late 30s early 40s, and felt like hammered dogshit.

-If he knew the minimal amount necessary to trigger adaptive response and get enough rest.

All of his life would have been much more enjoyable in a recovered state.


Everything that…