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Does Renaissance Exercise Understand Proper Muscle & Joint Function? Apparently Not

“Renaissance Exercise equipment works the body in accordance with muscle and joint functions.” (1) “We are proud to represent a philosophy and protocol that can help so many people reach their health and fitness goals safely and efficiently.” (1) RenEx associate Ken Hutchins can be seen above instructing a client (or at least, what is […]

ARX Fit Omni : The Perfect Machine?

When I’m not day-dreaming about how far superior the ARX Fit Omni is to every exercise machine on the planet, and in the history of the universe, I read Congruent Exercise by Bill DeSimone. Today I came across a gem of a quote (as if this book wasn’t packed with them to begin with) : Bolded […]

RenEx™ Gone Wild | Segment A : Who the heck actually used ARX equipment?

This article is not endorsed or sponsored by Renaissance Exercise™ or anyone acting on their behalf. All written content here in is the sole responsibility of Anthony Johnson, and is in no way associated with any organization, including but not limited to those in which Anthony plays a leadership role. … In their recent “Dumpers” […]