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This Nonsense Must Stop : Ron Paul is NOT a Voluntaryist

This video is disturbing. It has the feel of propaganda, and is perhaps the pinnacle expression of why objectivists disown libertarianism. While I admit that this is a large topic requiring further discussion, I feel a need to defend Ron Paul from this complete and utter nonsense, at least on a basic level for the time being. […]

Ron Paul vs. Ellsworth Toohey

Ron Paul “debates” Paul Krugman in this video. I put debates in quotations because Paul Krugman is such a weaseling, intellectually and morally bankrupt scumbag it would be unjust to actually call this a “debate”, as if the individual men and ideas involved were in any way equals and equally valid ideas. Paul Krugram is in […]

Anthony Johnson Officially Endorses Ron Paul for President : Does so on the Basis of Opposing Radical Extremism

  While I realize I am not a major celebrity, and that this endorsement comes as nothing less than obvious to long time readers and viewers, I have decided to officially endorse Ron Paul for President. I have made this decision to endorse Ron Paul, and lay out some basic points as to why he […]

My Experience Meeting the Greatest Man Living: Ron Paul

I had seen Ron Paul speak in person once previously, at the 2010 Florida Liberty Summit. I however, missed the opportunity to meet him on the Saturday of that event. Not so in 2011. I made damn sure I would be present at the event, no matter the cost, as well as the “liberty breakfast” […]

Let’s Just Build a Moat Around the Damn Thing

The American Funny Money Printing Press — also known as the “federal reserve” — is one of the primary sources of our problems in the 21st century — in the American States, and otherwise. (More accurately, it is the avenue by which our problems are perpetuated and further amplified in the name of “good intentions”, […]