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2 Hour Podcast Interview /w Steve Mayeda

This is a ~2 hour podcast interview I did with Steve Mayeda recently. I believe it is the most extensive interview I’ve done to date. Steve is a great host and asked excellent questions.

We discussed personal influences, history of The 21 Convention, as well as the upcoming T21C 2014 of Tampa Florida. Tickets go on pre-sale March 27th here. You can save $400 by registering before March 31st at 11:30 pm est. There is a separate $100 coupon code going out to all alumni as well via newsletter.

There are only 55 tickets available. That is a real limit, not a (common) marketing stunt of some sort. I am working on a short post series that discusses this change; it will be published on The21Convention.com. I *may* also touch on the increased ticket price which has significance as well.

The series *will* also cover the change from three events to one (at least for 2014), and what went into the date/location decision.

Most people tell you their events will…