The 21 Convention 2014 & Beyond

Greetings, Anthony Dream Johnson here today, founder and CEO of The 21 Convention.

I have a series of announcements to share today that I think everyone will enjoy, so have a seat, get comfortable, and read on as soon as you’re ready.


The Brief

This newsletter contains a series of announcements, from the general and simple, to the detailed and insanely awesome.

To begin, has moved digital homes to a new, better host.

If you haven’t visited the main site recently, everything should feel just a bit smoother and faster. The website has also undergone some minor navigation and interface changes that you can experience for yourself while visiting.


The New Store

First, you can visit the old store here. Everything works as it has for months and years now, including all of your past purchases. Everything will continue to work until January 15th 2014, at which point, the old store will be permanently retired.

If you’ve purchased content there, please be sure to back it up before next year.

As for the NEW 21 Convention Store, it is an entirely upgraded, much more awesome platform, that will for the first time ever, host and offer for instant download, full HD video files of your favorite presentations.

Per usual, MP3s of your favorite lectures will also be available. For most talks, a special bonus pack is also available that includes both the individual video and MP3 download at a single low price.

In addition to video and audio downloads of your favorite presentations from The 21 Convention [organized and easier to browse than ever before], an array of new products will be available on the store.

The new 21C Store will also be the digital home of all future ticket sales to The 21 Convention live events.

The countdown timer on the new store site is now accurate. The new 21C Store will launch November 26th 2013 at 11am est.


Alumni Customers Get 100% Credit Towards New Store

All customers of the old store (that made purchases before November 14th 2013), will be eligible to receive 100% of what they spent on the old store (lifetime), as credit to spend on the new store.

This enables you to buy entirely new products with your store credit, or if desired and available, repurchase your old products to download on the new store, from anywhere in the world.

Additional details on this offer for old store customers will be provided at a later date.

Some quick notes :

  • New store credit can be used on event tickets to The 21 Convention 2014.
  • This offer will expire 1 year after details are provided on how to redeem.
  • Once redeemed, store credit will not expire, unless otherwise noted.


The Free Live Stream Event of the Century

The free live stream event this February 2nd is … my wedding.

You can read my fiancee and I’s thoughts on marriage, engagement, and the wedding itself here.

Not unlike The 21 Convention, the article is work safe, and yet, is not for the “easily offended”. Like T21C, the post is challenging on a multitude of levels.

To learn more about the wedding ceremony, our history, and see our gift registry, you can visit at any time. The two of us are self-funding the wedding, and any gift contributions to that end (see the website) are extremely appreciated.

The wedding is absolutely being filmed and live-streamed, and I am working hard to ensure that it is broadcast live, directly to The 21 Convention Youtube Channel, advertisement free.

This relates to The 21 Convention not only because I am it’s founder, but also due to the nature of the event itself, and the timeless topic we continually discuss at the conferences : male/female relationships.

In great addition, the individual performing and overseeing our ceremony is none other than alumni 21 Convention speaker Greg Swann of Man Alive and

This will be a wedding quite different from anything you’ve seen before.

To make sure you don’t miss it, simply stay tuned to this newsletter in January when further updates are broadcast.


The 21 Convention 2014

First, The 21 Convention is returning in 2014, as the best and highest version of itself in history.

Second, there is only going to be one live event in 2014.

It will be held in North America.

Event details, including a more specific location, dates, and cost to attend, will be released the same day tickets are (initially) released.

Tickets will go on sale this January of 2014.

Third, the possibility of future events beyond The 21 Convention 2014 will only be announced and confirmed after T21C 2014.

No confirmations will be made until that time.


An Entirely New Live Experience

In my year off from holding live events I’ve done a lot of studying, and thinking about the future of T21C. In particular, how to improve any and all future events in raw experience and fundamental quality.

Basically, I’ve given thought for how to make the live events so incredible, that every single person who attends, still remembers the experience, vividly, not years, but decades later.

This, for me, would be a strong indicator and symptom that what I am building is truly timeless, and striking at the core of what it means (and what is required) to build an ideal life on this earth.

The immediate result for you as a potential attendee : The 21 Convention live event is receiving major improvements going forward.

And unlike mega-corporations that use this same terminology to sell the watering down of a product or service, I mean exactly what I say here.

The quality of The 21 Convention 2014 is going to be out of this world, and it will be a time people who attend never forget.


What You Can Expect Until the Next Event

Independent of the above announcements, nearly 30 unreleased, feature length presentations and special film productions by The 21 Convention.

A new video is released every day on our primary Youtube channel, and you can expect a new full length lecture to release every seven to ten days on average.

Subscribe to the main channel here, and our second channel here – the second channel being dedicated to exclusive first looks, and more meaty publishing of the special production films.


The Best for Last …

I realize an announcement bigger than a confirmation for The 21 Convention 2014 is tough to beat after a “break year”, but believe it or not, there is something bigger on the immediate horizon.

Much bigger.

Directly following on the launch of the all new 21 Convention Store … an entirely new website will be released November 30th 2013.

Not a reboot, revision, or remake of any previous web property. Something entirely, completely, and absolutely new, that I think has the potential to radically change your life.

I won’t tell you what the website is or does just yet, but I will tell you the monetary price, and root of its creation.

The monetary cost to use this website is zero. There is not even a donation button, or any plans to implement one. And yet, I think the value of this website to you as a fan and viewer of The 21 Convention is off the charts.

To be clear, there is no hidden catch to use this new site. No “free now and pay later” option; no credit card or contact information required.

Just your time and full attention.

Finally, I should mention that the root of this site is need. (First time in history for this to inspire a new creation, I know).

But truly, I believe what releases on November 30th is something a lot of people need, and currently, don’t have.

It is something that will benefit a small but growing minority of people tremendously. As much or more than anything they have ever encountered in a life pursuing their own happiness, and highest ideals.

This website is the next major evolution of The 21 Convention — and I suspect it will be received as highly controversial. I look forward to sharing the website with you.

Mark the date, and stay tuned.


In Summary

A quick summary of this announcement newsletter :

  • Main website received a few updates/changes
  • All new 21 Convention Store launches Nov. 26th
  • Old store customers can get 100% of what they spent in new store credit
  • My wedding will be live-streamed this February 2nd
  • Alumni T21C speaker Greg Swann will be performing the ceremony
  • The 21 Convention 2014 is a go!
  • One event only, North America, TBA country/state/city/event dates
  • 2014 event quality is being turned up to “this is permanent”
  • Tickets go on sale to T21C 2014 this January
  • 30 new full length videos still to come!
  • All new top secret website to be released November 30th

That’s all for today. I realize this newsletter was lengthy. I appreciate your time, and hope to meet in person at T21C 2014.

– Anthony Dream Johnson
Founder & CEO : The 21 Convention

About Anthony Dream Johnson

CEO, founder, and architect of The 21 Convention, Anthony Dream Johnson is the leading force behind the world's first and only "panorama event for life on earth". He has been featured on WGN Chicago, and in the NY Times #1 best seller The Four Hour Work Week.    His stated purpose for the work he does is "the actualization of the ideal man", a purpose that has led him to found and host The 21 Convention across 3 continents and for 6 years in a row. Anthony blogs vigorously at and

5 Responses to The 21 Convention 2014 & Beyond

  1. Aum November 24, 2013 at 3:11 pm #

    Now that you’re getting “married” I see future conventions where Mary comes out as a keynote speaker and more seminars on sustainable relationships and family.

    • Anthony Dream Johnson November 26, 2013 at 2:11 pm #

      What’s with the “”?

      I guess that’s possible, but unlikely, and there are no plans to do so, or to even begin considering plans to do so.

      We already have lectures on relationships and male studies. These will continue.

      • Aum December 27, 2013 at 5:05 pm #

        The ” ” was because you are getting married but not legally married.

        • Anthony Dream Johnson December 27, 2013 at 5:40 pm #

          Well, that’s silly. Government has no right morally or legally to intervene in marriage. The only thing they have the proper capacity to do in this context is enforce contracts should a dispute arise.

          “Not legally married” is like saying “not religiously married”. An irrelevant addition to the core idea at hand. It only has meaning due to how primitive all of society currently is. In the future people may not even understand what the hell that statement means; the same way “not legally born” has little coherent meaning in English right now.


          Not trying to snap at you btw, simply thinking out loud.


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