The Best Movie You’ve Never Seen


By my judgement, the best movie you are likely to have never seen — and perhaps, to ever see — is The Fountainhead starring Gary Cooper as architect Howard Roark. The movie is based on the book, but does not follow it to the letter, like most book to movie adaptations. In fact Ayn Rand, who had virtually full control over the movie, was forced to change the ending of the movie because divorce was in some way “forbidden” in movies at the time.

What she changes it to though can hardly be called a sacrifice in terms of significance (i.e. she did not have to “dumb down” the story, merely make an exchange).

Interestingly enough, John Little of Body by Science fame produced “the making of” featuretee on the DVD version. (Also interesting to note, this movie is free to stream if you have an Amazon Prime account).


All that aside, this movie is incredible if you share even the slightest, genuine admiration for man as individual, man as he ought to be, and as he can be, with me through this blog. The acting is top notch, and miles ahead of the junk that is consistently produced in Hollywood today.

The movie is also true to the book in the ways that matter most, which I cannot say the same for Atlas Shrugged Part 1 that released earlier this year, in which a rape scene was omitted and exchanged for something out of a daytime soap opera. To the contrary, the rape scene in The Fountainhead is pretty clearly a “rape scene”.

What’s most ironic is that TFH movie was produced in 1949, a time when any form of sexual situation in film was, as I understand, damn rare. On the flip side, in 2011, when AS Part 1 released, we readily have access to hundreds if not thousands of terabytes of hardcore porn with nothing more than an internet connection.

Talk about a total flip in what cameras are used for today in movies.

ANYWAY, go watch this movie. However long you wait to watch it will be to long. Whether it’s a day, a week, or a month, you’ll kick yourself for doing anything but ordering or downloading it right now.

(Considering the rapid state of collapse the world is in today, I really don’t believe Ayn would give a shit if you torrented this movie instead of paying someone for it. So long as you are inspired to new action and deeper levels of conviction by it, I think you are paying her for the movie, even in death, and to a much greater extent than fiat federal reserve notes could ever reward her).

— Anthony Dream Johnson

ps — Despite what the trailer portrays, the movie, like the book, is primarily a portrayal and depiction of the ideal man. The romantic aspect is immensely important, but secondary.

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  1. Bj October 5, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    Thanks for the suggestion. The movie is on YouTube in 12 parts fir free if you like. Roark is a great character.

  2. Matt October 6, 2011 at 11:01 pm #

    Peter Keating is Selfish?

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